Rebranding or die in Mallorca

Most traditional businesses in Mallorca have been forced to rebrand, to the point of rebranding or die.

Mark Zukerberg, creator of Facebook: “The greatest risk is to take no risk at all. In a rapidly changing world, the only strategy guaranteed to fail is not to take risks.”

When the reasons are compelling, honestly, you have no escape. You must do it.

But first, get good advice and ask everyone around you, employees, loyal customers… All opinions are important and can help you avoid making mistakes like these, which have been theworst rebrandings in history, . 


When should I rebrand?

When you want to differentiate yourself from the competition

You must keep a close eye on the competition, analyze your business environment and try to stand out, be better at something, provide a plus. Perhaps your company stands out in terms of environmental protection, personalized service, packaging… If it doesn’t, think about what you can highlight and, more importantly, what your audience would like you to highlight.

Dismantle yourself and consider a rebranding to start again with strength, knowing the ground you are standing on, your market share.

To eliminate the bad image

If this is your situation, take heart! He thinks that everything has a solution, and that solution unquestionably involves a mutation. Design a new strategy that includes a change in your brand values and modify the behavior that has led you astray.

Improve your visual identity and your communicative identity based on your new image. Leave the bad behind  and mutate your wings.

Because you are pursuing a new positioning in the market.

Perhaps you are proposing to offer a new product, you have lost market share, you are opening up to other targets, you are thinking of internationalizing your business… If you are pursuing a new positioning in the market, it is also a good time for change. But be careful, be aware of every step and don’t slip. Study well how to change to add up, keeping what you have.

What do I need to consider?

There are three basic points to keep in mind once you have decided to carry it out.

The first is that its cost is high. Don’t expect to make a change by modifying four little things and that’s it. If the decision is made, you must carry it through to the end. Don’t just think about changing the logo and minimally the website. Think of a complete turnaround : uniforms, packaging, merchandising, business cards…

The second point  concerns the business concept. The new image, the new logo, must reflect the proposed change. If your decision is a comprehensive change, you should notice a step forward in the company’s philosophy.  

Third, you should maintain your current market positioning. Remember: change to add up. That means not destroying your seo, your search engine rankings. Consider each and every piece of the puzzle. rebranding_puzzle

How can I do a rebranding without destroying my seo?

If it involves a name change, if you are one of the really brave ones, pay attention because this really interests you

Here are the four basic steps to follow.

Step 1

Preliminary work. Prepare the ground with Google Webmaster and Google Analytics tools, lock down your new website and back up your old one… for nostalgia’s sake or because you never know.

Step 2

Evaluate your key performance indicators that lead to rebranding. Carefully analyze the following aspects:

Traffic. Break it down according to the channel: organic, direct, from social networks…

Rankings. Document your top 20 or 30 keywords.

Links and citations. Make a list of the links that redirect you and search through the Google Toolbar or with tools like Yext for the number of times your brand has been mentioned.

Step 3

Redirect each old page with one of the new ones, but keep them in an archive so that they are not seen yet.

Step 4

It is now time for implementation. Load the .htaccess file from the previous step and remove the Robots.txt command that blocks the new page from search engines.

Finally, update Google Webmaster and Analytics, and try to relate both names (old and new) by showing “signals” to the search engine, such as putting both names in the new “about us” section of your website.

Do not forget to position your new page locally, and promote it more than the previous one. Create content and optimize it. Give them quality and they will not be able to ignore you because today it is the best marketing that exists. Alone or with help. 

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