Social media plan II. Budget and social media content plan.

Learn how to create a social media plan step by step. In this second installment of our guide we talk about the budget and the social media content plan.

Step 5. Social media plan budget.

This step is often included at the end of the process. Other professionals start with the budget, which is also very logical considering that, why fool us, normally you will be the one that adapts to the budget and not the budget that adapts to you.

We have included it after the analysis of the situation, setting objectives and, of course, knowledge of the audience so that, although the budget in the end is what it is, you can fight it at least having clear the basis of the plan. Above all the objectives that we set should be taken into account when raising the budget.


Once we have clear what this budget will be dedicated to work the social networks of your business, you should know how to distribute it between the different campaigns and actions.

Bear in mind that the budget you need to work social networks will be lower if you have a very well worked social media plan, than if you were stumbling day by day.

STEP 6. Editorial plan or social media content plan

In the previous article Social Media Plan step-by-step I, we finished explaining the design of the strategy. Just as a reminder, we understand strategy as those actions that we will carry out in the selected social networks to meet the objectives set.

Once we have this point clear, it is time to create an editorial plan (which is part of the strategy). What will we publish? In which social networks? With what style? How often will we publish? Yes, you must be very clear about all these questions before starting to devise your actions.

In addition, you must create an action plan for each social network! Think that each social network has its own characteristics. At this point, the donut metaphor can be useful to understand how to present the content according to the network you are in:

Twitter: I’m eating a #donut

Facebook: I like donuts

Youtube: Here’s a video of me eating a donut

LinkedIn: Among my skills is eating donuts

Instagram: Here’s a vintage photo of me eating a donut

Snapchat: Everyone but me is at the donut fest

Pinterest: Here’s the donut recipe

What should your editorial plan look like? Organized, realistic and scalable. It’s best if you decide to publish less at the beginning and increase as you have more time or more resources. What would be counterproductive is to set yourself an unattainable demand in your editorial plan because, eventually, you will have to give up following it.

At this point, you should already know which social networks you will work with. Then, the editorial plan should include the social network and the content adapted to its format and language.

You should be very clear on what each social network will help you: which one is the best for building a community? Which one for positioning your brand? Which one is ideal for finding ambassadors for your brand? Then create content adapted to each of the objectives in the most suitable social network.

After having your editorial plan clear, you must transfer it to the calendar of social media publications. We will talk more about how to create a social media calendar.

You are not alone: Tools for your social media content plan

There are many tools that can help you to search for topics, create content and publish it. Feedly or Pocket are online tools that will collect all the information found on the network on the topics you set. You will be up to date, you will not miss anything and you can take advantage of content to share or to create your own content!

If what concerns you is how to create dynamic and creative content, Memegenerator will help you create memes easily and quickly. You will surely capture the attention of your followers!

Finally, and very important, the publication of content. Facebook, for example, allows you to schedule publications from its own platform. And you must do it, since Facebook penalizes the publications that are programmed with other tools.

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