Social media plan step by step I. Situation analysis and objectives.

What is a social media plan and why is it important to establish one for your company? We explain it step by step in this and other articles.

Why does your SME need a social media plan?

What results do you get with your social media marketing efforts? It is possible that, although you have been posting consistently for a while, at most, you have only managed to increase the number of followers in some of your networks, perhaps not even substantially.

And the fact is that each publication must be framed in a campaign, must be directed to a specific audience, must have a clear objective and a practical approach. Because it is possible that your goal was to get more followers, but have you stopped to think how many of them engage with your brand, interact in a meaningful way and convert, that is, make a purchase?

We can say that a social media plan would be included within the overall Marketing Plan of the company. And is that to make the perfect social media plan you should always keep in mind what is the ultimate goal of your company, what is the goal, what you want to get: a contact, a customer.

It is possible that improve your brand recognition and position yourself as an influential figure in your industry are extremely important objectives for your business, and we recognize that they are. But ultimately, for your business to be profitable you need to drive more conversions. You need a social media plan, a scalable working methodology that is flexible enough for you to improve it over time, as consumer behavior changes.

Also known as social media marketing plan, a social media plan will help us define what strategies we must follow and what actions we will perform to achieve those secondary objectives we will establish to reach our ultimate goal: higher conversion from social networks, especially those platforms most relevant to our business.

With a good social media marketing plan we will achieve better results with a lower investment of resources, since we will be analyzing the performance of publications and we can easily make a change in our strategy if necessary, something that has never happened with traditional marketing methods. In this way we will achieve a positive ROI for our business, investing only the necessary time and resources.

So, what practices should you take into account to plan and organize the publications in the different social networks?

Basic steps to follow to create a social media plan

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has posed a complex situation for many, especially for many Spanish SMEs, the truth is that it has led to change in consumer behavior. Given the restrictions that have made normal mobility impossible, at least the kind of mobility we were used to, most users have begun to spend much more time consuming content on social networks, researching on blogs and, ultimately, making their purchases through the web.

This current situation opens up opportunities that we might not have considered before. And is that if there were online businesses that were clear that social networks were relevant to encourage purchases of their products and / or services, it has now become a necessity for many small and medium enterprises that want to survive.

If your potential customers (your most likely buyers or buyer personas) are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or any other social platform that occupies a large part of their free time, that’s where your company should be too. It is where they will find you more easily and will be able to interact with your brand, with your content and, ultimately, with your products or services.


But as we say, publishing in any way, without a plan, will not give you the expected results. Therefore, we show you the first steps you should follow in your social media marketing plan:

STEP 1. Internal and external analysis of your SME.

Questions such as: who we are, what are our differentiating values, what can we contribute, what are our products or services, what is our current online reputation and what have been our strategies so far, will tell us how is the internal situation of our company.

What is our current online reputation and what have been our strategies so far, will tell us how is the internal situation of our company.

What is the internal situation of our company.

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