Tips to improve your marketing strategy.

Your customers are changing. But how can you adapt your SME to these changes? We offer you some tips to improve your marketing strategy.

Traditionally, we are used to offering our products or services to a specific market. These  markets were composed of unidentified and undifferentiated individuals.


We are now facing a period of change. We are no longer targeting a market composed of indeterminate customers. We are facing customers, people with specific and differentiated needs, whom we can meet if we correctly apply the tools we have at our disposal.  These new customers are demanding and highly informed. They are critical and want to share their experiences with their friends and family.

It is in this scenario that our SME must act. We have the tools and we can use them!

Online + Offline

The latest trends indicate that 88% of users in Spain experience the ROPO effect. ROPO effect (Research On-Line and Purchase Off-Line), i.e. our customers review our product portfolio on our website but make the purchase in a physical store.

This fact creates two challenges for us. The first is to have sufficient technology to offer a quality online service. Second, do not neglect the physical touchpoints and offer a quality service to ensure the best experience for our customers.

Regarding the online presence of your SME, social networks will also help you to get closer to your customers and know first-hand what they think, think and feel about your products or services. In addition, social media is currently one of the main channels to create engagement with your audience and increase the diffusion of your campaigns.

All your efforts should be aimed at achieving the best customer experience(or customerexperience -UX). But this can be extrapolated to our offline service. What do you think one of your customers will think if they walk into your store and are served in an unprofessional manner? Do you think it will be easy to get it back? What opinions will you give to your main social circles?

In short, what the customer expects from your brand is simply that you differentiate yourself from your competitors in terms of service quality. Perceived satisfaction should be as high as possible, whether the purchase is made online or offline.




The Wow! effect and Big Data 

Closely linked to the above mentioned, we would like to present you the objective we should follow: that after enjoying our products and/or services, our customers say WOW!

The Wow effect is to exceed the initial expectations of our customers and go beyond the simple sale. If our customer is looking for something beautiful, we will give them something spectacular. We look for their emotion, their interest, their curiosity. In other words, their experience is obviously positive.

Be creative, that’s the main advice we can give you. With a small budget but with good ideas you can create campaigns that will leave your clients with their mouths open.

If you have a good idea, these tips may help you a little more:

– Segment correctly. Knowing who you are going to target and how you are going to do it will significantly reduce your risks. How can you segment? If you don’t already have a database of your customers, get started! Information is power, right? Because nowadays information means getting it right and getting closer to your customers’ needs.

Imagine that, after registering on a store’s website, you are sent a special offer unique to stores located in another city. Useless, isn’t it? In addition to not achieving the objectives set for this campaign, your brand will lose credibility with customers.

If this brand had made better use of its database, the right offer would have been sent to the right customer and, therefore, would have been closer to their needs.

– Social networks will be your allies. Manage them correctly: be active, connect with your followers, give them reasons every day to keep consuming your content. And remember, they are hard to win, but very easy to lose.

Above all, plan. Even the simplest campaign needs to be programmed correctly.

Geolocation, an ally for your SME

If you go out on the street, how many people will you see with their cell phones in their hands?  The new consumers make queries on search engines (mainly Google), anywhere and for any need that arises.

The trend now is to take advantage of this new demand behavior to adapt to it.



With each search, Google offers as top results those businesses that are closest to the customer’s position. The search engine, thanks to its Google Places tool, will show your customers where you are, if your business is open and your contact information.

In addition, it will help your SEO positioning in a very important way. It’s all advantages for your business, don’t you think?


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