What is corporate branding and how does it benefit your company?

Corporate Branding takes you to the next level of brand depth, important to enhance your brand's presence in the marketplace.

1. What is corporate branding and what is its objective?

Currently, competition in the market is getting tougher and tougher, not only because of the constant birth of new companies, but also because of the rise of new technologies and commercial activity on the Internet. So, how is it possible today to make your brand known, competing with other businesses, and how is it possible to develop a commercial strategy on the Internet, where consumers can find similar companies? The answer is through corporate branding.

Corporate branding is the strategy in charge of the construction and, especially, projection of a company’s brand, that is, it works with the objective of presenting the unique identity of a company, its products and/or its services to the right public.

Corporate branding is capable of positioning a brand as a reference in the sector to which it belongs. Working the corporate branding strategy involves transmitting all the values behind it, everything that inspires the creation of what it sells, and that makes it a differentiated company, which stands out from other companies that offer the same thing.

Are you still not convinced of its usefulness? We propose you a game to demonstrate its importance. We will mention a series of products or services and you must relate them to the first company that comes to your mind the fastest, in just a few seconds. Ready?

Car. Fashion. Restaurant.Online store.Hotel. Supermarket. Computer.

How did it go? In some of them you will have taken more or less seconds, but you have managed to quickly think of a company that distributes those products or services and that stands out among other companies selling the same thing, right? Well, these companies you’ve thought of, do you remember them for the quality they offer? Do you share memories or experiences with that company? Or do you like them or see yourself reflected in the company’s values?

Think about it. One of the reasons you’ve thought about those brands and not others is because, on the one hand, you know what their quality is, but, especially, you continue to trust what they represent as a brand even when you could buy the same thing from another.That’s because there’s a part of their identity that is appealing to you.

That’s what makes companies like Google, Apple or Disney so powerful on an international level. Their work methodology, their customer service, their staff, but also their values, their mission and their way of positioning themselves… are factors that make their consumers see themselves reflected in them, in those brands. That is why corporate branding is a competitive advantage for a company.

2. What are the benefits of corporate branding?

  • Consolidates the positioning of your company in the market. A corporate image, in English corporate image, that is adequate to convey the message of your company will consolidate you in your sector. You will have a brand that differentiates you from your competitors and makes you stand out from the audience you want to reach.
  • It stays longer in the memory of your customers. When a brand conveys its message with a proper strategy, it is easier to make an impact on potential customers thanks to the strength of the message. Thus, you can stay longer in the memory of your target audience.
  • It can reinforce the image of any organization. Performing branding actions is extremely important in all companies, regardless of their size. The right identity can enhance a company’s presence in the market and expand its message even beyond its reach, even if it is an SME.
  • It increases consumers’ purchase intention. In many occasions we all feel insecure when buying in a new physical or online store, since we do not know its identity. A corporate branding work will help you to transmit the confidence that your new potential customers need to close the purchase process in your business.
  • Easy to present your new products or services. Once you have created your audience in the market where you carry out your activity, the launch of new products or services will have more impact in your sector. Your target audience will trust your brand, and will recognize the suitability of the new launch designed to meet their problems or needs.
  • Increase customer loyalty. Customers are happy to trust companies that have an established brand. This is why it is so important that
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