What is a CRM? The heart of your SME

Do you know what a CRM is and what advantages it can bring to your SME? Today we are going to talk to you about the essential features of this tool.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, i.e. customer relationship management. With an integrated CRM you can unite your sales and marketing strategies on the same platform.

Why do we say that CRM is the heart of your business? Because it is the command center, it is the place from which you can manage all your customer data, to create strategies focused on conversion. If you know the buying cycle status of your contacts, won’t it be much easier for you to make that sale?


What is a CRM?

To be clear, a CRM is a company software where you will store all the data of your customers or leads (sales opportunities) with which you will be able to work with different strategies. For example, in your contacts’ cards you will be able to record any kind of relevant information about that contact: calls, emails, meetings…

This way, anyone in your company who wants to know the customer’s (or lead’s) journey with the business will be able to get a clear idea at a glance. Is the contact subscribed to the newsletter? Have we sent you any follow-up emails in the last few weeks? Interested in our latest articles?

Advantages of having a CRM. Internal and external communication.

The fact of having all the information of our contacts in the same platform is already a great help for our SME but, if we also want to get the most out of a
CRM software
software, the advantages are endless. In general terms, a CRM will allow you to manage all the information that your contacts offer you externally and also all the communication that is handled internally about these contacts.

  • Your sales team will be able to keep track of each potential customer and repeat customers to communicate with them in a personalized way and thus increase sales.
  • Undoubtedly, you will also save a great deal of time by not having to compile information from different documents. In one click you will have access to all the user’s information.
  • Knowing your customers will be your greatest asset. A successful business knows its customers very well. If you don’t know them, how will you offer them what they need? You must know where they are in their buying cycle (buyer’s journey) in order to offer them the right information so that they end up becoming consumers of your product or service.

CRM Software

What are the must-haves of a CRM?

Of course, not all CRMs have the same features and you must take into account what your objectives and goals are to achieve with this type of tool and not focus only on price when purchasing one or another software.

For example, a powerful integrated software will allow you to work more exhaustively with your data and get the most out of all the information you obtain from your customers: sending personalized email marketing campaigns, working with your customers through lead nurturing, etc.
lead nurturing

Let’s see what are the essential features that a CRM should provide you with:

  • An intuitive CRM.  Your CRM should be designed so that, without investing a great deal of time. you know all its features and can work effectively with it from the first day. In this sense, a visual and intuitive template is what you need.
  • Segment your database. A CRM should allow you to segment your database as much as possible in order to send the most targeted communications possible.
  • Personalized communications. Your customers want to feel special and receive offers and news about what really interests them. Your CRM should allow you to create personalized and adaptable communications (emails) to your different buyer-personas (target audiences).
  • Create lists.  By creating segmented lists according to certain criteria, you will be able to identify different sales opportunities much more easily.
  • Task automation. Can you imagine being able to tell your software which emails to send, to which list and at what time depending on the actions performed by each user? A powerful CRM should allow you to work with workflows (automations) that will make your life much easier.

In short, a CRM allows you to know your customers and focus your strategies according to the data collected from each contact. The ultimate goal of a CRM management has to be to satisfy and retain your contacts thanks to all the information we have corrected about them. Anticipate your customers’ doubts and needs to offer them solutions adapted to their profile.

HubSpot’ s CRM includes all the benefits we’ve discussed in this article and much more. You can learn more about this tool in this article ‘How HubSpot can help a company in Mallorca’.

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