Is your startup competitive? Automate your content.

The goal of marketing automation is to monetize the time you spend on your digital strategy and automating content is the first step.

The main objective of marketing automation is to monetise the time you spend on your digital strategy. That is, to help you prioritise and carry out marketing actions in a more agile and efficient way. So that achieving your goals is not a headache, money and time.

What does marketing automation represent?

Automation is mainly the programming of marketing actions linked to a campaign and is based on one or more software, of course. In other words, marketing automation aims to make the most of all the platforms on which marketing actions are carried out using tools that are synchronised.


From the definition to the segmentation of your customers, the generation of workflows, lead nurturing, lead qualification, sending personalised messages and comparing metrics and results. Actions that have the purpose of leading your potential customers in a controlled manner through the sales funnel, until they become end customers and loyal ambassadors of your brand.

But remember that marketing automation also needs attention to work effectively. If you want to be competitive, in terms of online marketing you need to know what you are sending (message and format) and how your visitors and prospects react on all the online distribution channels you use. While it saves you time in the execution and programming phase, the analysis of your actions is still equally important.

How does it apply to content?
Before you dive in head first, be clear that your business needs to start from the segmentation of your contact database. You can’t offer the same content to people whose needs are not the same. It makes sense, doesn’t it? So, a good online marketing campaign or Inbound marketing starts with the creation of content.


Creating content is not always easy. Sometimes we are not inspired. But once you have done a search for keywords or initial keywords that your potential customers would search for, you should have a clearer idea. Even so, there are tools like Google Alerts that can help you find content if you have to customise the time you invest.

Of course, to manage content you need a CMS for programming and distributing it, such as WordPress. But whatever your startup uses, keep in mind that you should publish posts on a regular basis. If you want a tip, you can repost the content of your publications in different ways. Depending on who you are targeting and their position in the sales funnel, you can leverage the same knowledge from a different approach.


In addition, if you insert an RSS plugin on your blog, you can notify your subscribers of the latest posts. If you integrate it with tools like MailChimp, you can send automatic notifications via email. And if it is integrated with your CRM, you can control the sending based on the preferences of your leads.

Bear in mind that, for example, in an emailing campaign, each workflow you generate can be linked to a clear objective. In this way, through the analysis of the results you obtain, you will be able to know if your emails achieve the objectives. In other words, if they are working well.

Social Media

As you know, social networks also feed on content. Facebook is the great platform that allows you to automate the posts you make on your professional account. To automate your publications on Twitter you can use TweetDeck, a very intuitive tool that will facilitate the publishing process.

If not, you can also use IFTTT, ‘If this, then that’, which although it is not exactly a tool for publishing on social networks, it is interesting to programme according to premises several actions on these platforms.

Landing Pages

What about content that converts? The landing pages, are specific pages that your potential customers access through CTA’s that lead to content offers or offers in general. They are one of the most important pages of your website, because they are where you can collect the contact information of your visitors. PageWiz can help you work on your landing pages.

Obviously, all of these tasks are integrated into HubSpot. But as you know, we’re here to give you options.

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