Differentiate your technology company: the corporate profile

The only way to differentiate your technology company and set guidelines is to develop a corporate profile or what we call a CDD strategy.


  • For your employees: It is important that they understand that they represent the company and are part of its image. The profile helps us to determine the tone of communication with customers, aspects of their uniformity or the values they should convey in their daily activities.

  • For your potential customers: People or companies that have shown a certain interest in your products will search for information about your company. Today we have a bottomless ocean of information in our own pockets. Anytime, anywhere, with a cell phone and internet connection you can know everything. Therefore, it is important to give a clear image of a company, well structured and with clear objectives.


Before making yourself known, know yourself.

You may think that your technology company was born ‘defined’, and that you don’t really need to do more. After all, you know what it is and where you want to go, don’t you?

Preparing a corporate profile is essential because it lays the it lays the groundwork.

However, your company can be perceived very differently among employees, customers, competitors… Don’t let assumptions take over something so important. Managing the content of the message will allow you to unify and clarify the vision they have of you.

Give him support on a document. In this way, starting with your own employees, they will get to know the company, have a single vision of it and row towards the same destination.


Let’s know why we are different

Creating a corporate profile is strategic because it differentiates you from your competitors..

Your company exists because it is different from the competition. Either that or it is simply cheaper. 

You have to identify your differences, define them clearly and translate them into your communication. They must support the overall message and be present in your texts and in your graphic presentation. Knowing how to communicate your difference is essential to facilitate success.

Corporate profile for technology companies


And now, let’s communicate safely

Creating a corporate profile is a good idea because it makes communication easier, more homogeneous and cheaper..

Defining the shape of the message will also allow us to homogenize the graphics, create patterns and facilitate the development of the communication pieces. 

To give you an idea, there are many different corporate profiles. That’s what it’s all about. If you don’t have it yet, don’t waste your time. 

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