Do you have a technology company? Inbound marketing will make you succeed!

What is inbound marketing? It is the non-intrusive marketing, the one that does not bother and provides value. The strategy consists of creating interesting content and sharing it.

There are countless inbound marketing actions to attract customers to your company. However, they all converge in the same thing: create content and share it, content so interesting and with such an attractive design that, instead of you looking for the public, they will want to know about you. You’ll love it!

This methodology always keeps the potential client or customer in mind, and focuses on four stages, four different action objectives.


At each stage, different tools are used, the ones that work best, although they are not mutually exclusive. But what is the secret of successful inbound marketing?


The real secret is that it doesn’t try to sell in a blatant way. Consumers don’t want to be sold to just like that. They want to learn new things, they want to be educated, and that’s where you come in. But first you must know exactly who you are targeting and at what stage of the purchase process that person is at in order to offer them the most appropriate content. For all this, you will need to create buyer personas and use the buyer’s journey.


Buyer personas

It is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some educated speculation about demographics, behavioural patterns, motivations, goals, challenges…There are three steps to building buyer personas:

Through interviews or surveys in the sector (good customers, bad customers, loyal customers, co-workers…).

Identify trends. As many buyer personas as necessary are built according to the similarities of the prospects. It is about grouping trends and unifying personas to classify them.

Create profiles. These are, in our opinion, the aspects that, in general terms, should be taken into account. Although you should be aware that this will depend on what your technology company is like and what you are really interested in highlighting.

Basic information.

Name, company position, personal and company details…


Gender, age range, income or turnover of the company…


Buzzwords and habits


Primary and secondary goal of the buyer persona….


Primary and secondary challenge for the success of the buyer persona.

How we help.

How you solve your buyer persona‘s challenges and help them achieve their goals.

Common objections.

Identify the most common objections that your buyer persona is going to comment on during the sales process.

Actual quotes.

Include some real quotes (taken during interviews) that represent your buyer persona. This will help you and your team understand them better and put yourself in their shoes.

You should know that your technology company does not have to have a fixed number of buyer personas. Think that they are living elements and that you should review them annually.

Buyer’s Journey

Every interaction a company has with the buyer persona must be adapted to the buyer’s journey. But what is it exactly? Well, it is, no more and no less, the buyer’s journey from the moment he/she becomes interested in something, or discovers the product or service, until he/she promotes it.

Yes, you read that right. Your most loyal customers will promote your product or service. It’s extraordinary!

The buyer’s journey consists of three stages:

Awareness raising. When the prospective customer has a problem or opportunity and searches for information online.

Consideration. Once informed, they already know the approaches and methods to solve their situation.

Decision. When they opt for a solution or strategy and can ultimately make the purchase or consummate the service your company offers.

Buyer Journey Stages


It is essential that you are willing to listen to the problems of the buyer persona and do not try to force sell your products. You must prepare content for each stage and gain their trust by educating them, offering possible solutions to their concerns.

Once you have determined the buyer’s journey and the buyer personas, you must create really interesting content of value. It can be publications on your blog, videos, photographs, infographics, tables or databases, ebooks… Any information that you know, for sure, that your audience will love.

Give it visibility, adapt the content for optimal distribution at all times. And if you have done all your homework well, all you have to do is close your eyes and enjoy… Your most loyal audience will act as online promoters of your technology company by sharing your publications. Your online presence will increase exponentially.

inbound marketing has stolen our hearts and, to date, we can only speak highly of this technique. After years of working with it, we still haven’t found any “buts”.




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