Make the best dynamic slideshows for your tech company

A slideshow can be a key element to attract customers - or even close sales. That's why it should be a dynamic and attractive slideshow.

1. Should have a purpose to live

It might sound you philosophical, but this is the truth. If you are going to create a dynamic slideshow, there should be a very important reason why behind it. You are going to give time to create a slideshow that could indicate the approach to a client or a closing window. And the success depends on why you are doing it. Then, you should ask yourself “why am I doing this slideshow? The question is very simple, but the answer could be more complex than you think.


If your answer is “to show my tech company is the best for my client”, we are sorry to say you share the same idea with many other entrepreneurs. It doesn’t mean this is a negative idea because we know how important is for you to share with your potential client all the experience and talent you have in your company.

However, reverting to the same methodology of presenting your company history, your success stories, your great market, and previous client’s numbers, among other things, is not an interesting point for your potential clients.

That is the reason why you should deeply meditate why you are doing this dynamic slideshow. What is so important to pass on to your audience? What is the most valuable message you want to pass on to your potential clients? What is so important your clients can gain trusting you?

Knowing the important note you want to share, will allow you to build up a slideshow with passion. And this passion for your message will arrive and impact to your potential clients.

Before to start working in any slideshow, instead of considering you have to do it as a simple corporate process, bear in mind this slideshow should not be about your business. Weigh your decision up, which unique message you want to share with your audience.

2. Should be educational

Once you have established the message you want to communicate to your audience, it’s time to think in which way you are going to pass it on. Be aware, a slideshow works just as a tool for your appearance to your clients. In fact, you are the main message issuer. This is why you have to ensure your goal is to train your clients when planning the content you want to display on your slideshow.

There will be some experienced or trained clients in tools or tech services. While some potential new clients do not know about technology. No matter what the level of audience knowledge is, the slideshow structure should be classical: starting, developing and ending.

In that case, which aspects a slideshow should display? Educational and useful ones only. The duty is to attract the attendant’s attention, make them listen to your message. The dynamic slideshow is just visual support. Thus, it should just include the required information that trains your clients and provides convenient and helpful knowledge for them.

If you display slideshows full of the content above all you are going to say, the audience will stop paying attention. The key is to place useful information to know more about technology and what it could contribute to them.

3. Should be inspirational

We have told you the convenient structure for your presentation would be the starting, developing and ending. To attract your client’s attention, during your slideshow, these three stages should keep your main message bright.

You should introduce your slideshow message to your client from the beginning, in a noteworthy way to make them get hooked immediately. Carry out with your message key points when developing your nurtured client’s content. Tell them a rich story. In the end, summarize the key points instead of making questions. Close with a compelling message to make a difference.

Just like you want to close a window, your client is thinking about buying your product or tech service to improve the company’s output. To achieve this decision, the best way is through an inspirational and emotional story. To guide your company’s faith, play with emotions when making important messages and taking crucial decisions.

4. Should connect with the audience

Your slideshow message should be addressed to your clients. To make them feel you have their problem’s solutions, they should see themselves reflected in your content.

The traditional round of questions when the slideshow is finished is not the only way to interact with the audience. Make interactions with your clients during slideshow development, welcome them to take part, to share ideas, questions even creating specific aiding moments with humor. The key is ice breaking. To show them your company doesn’t want to sell technology only, but knowing them, understanding their needs and providing solutions.

It is very common such a complex and professional field like technology has potential hazy or even lost clients. At a time, if your client has already experience in tech tool work, you will be able to talk deeply about interesting topics. By contrast, your potential clients don’t have previous experience, adapt yourself to their knowledge and pass on your message.

For business success, this flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs is a basic aspect.

5. Should be visually engaging

Observing slideshows text overwhelmed, statistical, graphics or images might turn out uncomfortable to the audience. The key is to present only the information, images and other necessary aspects. Because a poor slideshow is easier to see and analyze.

A dynamic slideshow engagement is to offer an easy visual experience. For instance, we advise choosing an easy reading source that offer consistency. To avoid mixing up, we do not suggest combining lots of sources. Use simple items to help readers, such as developing lists or creating inspirational quotes to give engagement to the whole message.

Additionally, we advise avoiding aggressive colors or difficult reading contrast. Moreover, images should be adjusted to your message and the audience inspirational goal.

As we have already said, the slideshow is just a tool. The audience will pay attention to you. That is the reason why you must place value on your body language. The way you talk, or even the way you move your body and mouth could communicate big confidence to them.

Don’t worry, it’s very important you are nervous or worry about making mistakes during the slideshow. The best way to solve these small difficulties is to practice your body expression a lot. Even if you make some mistakes when talking, follow your slideshow naturally to make your clients feel well with you from the beginning to the end.

After all, the goal is to communicate with your clients, connecting with them avoiding a boring slideshow were explaining everything by heart.

6. Should be solid

Through this slideshow, you would like to impress your client, isn’t it? So your client should notice who belongs the slideshow to. How to achieve it?

You cannot miss the main corporate image points between the elements you choose for the slideshow design. Your company trademark, brand representative primary and secondary colors, different formats source chosen in addition to points you should work out before for your company corporate image.

Creating consistency about your brand will create a big impact on your clients making them remember your company longer. That could be a great profit for your business. You could become the main technology solution for a company or be recommended to other businesspeople when looking for the same solution.

7. Should be flexible

Because you work hard in your slideshow, why not using it for future meetings with potential clients?

It is highly worthy of designing flexible dynamic slideshow templates to have all the main design points (corporate pieces, sources, images, structured slide images and so on). In such a way, in the future, you would only worry about placing new versatile new messages and your new client’s content.

This involves a big time-saving. The time you will use to do more important tasks and will help you to create brand consistency in all your clients.

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