Marketing events in technology companies – are they worth it?

We live in a digital world, and yes, we spend a lot of time connected, but who said that personal, face-to-face relationships have lost power?

Did you know that for 5 years B2B businesses ranked “in-person events” as their top marketing strategy? According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, in 2016/2017  in-person events” were also the #1 strategy on social media and blogs for B2B and B2C. Marketing events continue to be an important and effective strategy for most marketers.

Surprised? You really shouldn’t be. In a world where we crave experiences more than anything else, event marketing makes sense. Real-life experience shapes our thoughts and memories far more deeply than anything we read or watch online.


Still not convinced you need a event marketing strategy for your tech company? Here are 5 more reasons to reconsider.

Generate emotional bonds

Differentiate your company from the competition by creating unique experiences for your customers. Let them associate your brand not only with the image or slogan, but with feelings and memories. Events facilitate face-to-face interactions with customers, helping you establish closer, more intimate relationships. And that means trust. Shaking someone’s hand and saying in their eyes, What a pleasure to finally meet you! could make the difference between a good relationship with someone important to your business and a fantastic relationship.

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Events help generate quality leads

Another reason to invest in events is that they will help you generate leads. People who attend your event most likely already know who you are and want to know what you offer. Offline events facilitate positive personal interaction that raises the level of customer engagement, thus creating loyalty.

Events help build brand recognition

Every brand seeks recognition and awareness. 8 out of 10 people who participate in experiential marketing pass on their experience to others, whether by sharing it on social media or otherwise. Event marketing allows you to express your identity firsthand. Share your ideas and thoughts, your name and your philosophy with your customers.

In order to make the most of your event, consider having influencers related to your industry. It would be a perfect strategy, as they are not only selling your product or services, but also an experience. The role of influencersin spreading the word about your event and your product should not be underestimated. As AJ Agrawal comments for Forbes, what you’ll get in return is “targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer, one who is already interested and likely to pay attention.”

Events help inspire you

Attending technology conferences, expos and other industry events will help you draw inspiration from the accomplishments of your peers. Your customers will also help you generate new ideas, as event marketing allows you to get immediate feedback on your product. Relate.

Events help you grow professionally

Technical conferences are very popular among top technology companies. Attending the right conference will give you the opportunity to learn, follow the latest trends and learn about the latest developments. In addition to attending workshops and conferences, you can also share your expertise by participating in an event as a speaker. Finally, you can organize a technology conference, determine an interesting topic for your buyer personas and invite who you think would like to attend.

Events help you make connections

Think about networking. Events will help you meet influencers in the technology sector, find new partners and customers. Also, you can’t miss the opportunity to network with new and interesting people on social networks. Most conferences have a hashtag, Twitter account, s

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