7 tips for your technology company to reach your customers

7 tricks for your technology company to reach your customer. Learn how to sell your technology product. You will find it easier and easier.

1. Get to know your customer in depth

It sounds like a tired cliché, but it is as true as a temple. I’m sure you’ve heard of “we were made with two ears and a mouth to hear twice as much as we speak”. We must listen to your problems, otherwise we will not be able to offer you solutions. Solutions that do not necessarily have to lead to the sale of our services. On many occasions you will recommend him/her to a good partner of yours, who will also thank you for it. And so you will build your network of contacts.

2. Builds confidence

This should be our short-term goal, although in reality, it is clear, we want to get to the sale. But always in this order: the sale is the consequence of trust and knowledge of your customer.

Always keep the communication channel between company-customer open and make them feel at ease. Accompany them in the buying process (buyer journey), knowing where they are and what they need at each moment to move to the next stage.


3. Help your customer. Educate him.

There’s no point in being the best if you don’t show it. Teach, share and make your customers appreciate your knowledge and expertise. There is nothing better for a person than to feel supported by someone who has a better understanding of the problem and shows empathy.

4. Show confidence at all times

There is nothing more to add here. This advice is basic in business and in life in general. Doubt goes against confidence!

5. Personalize your attention to your customer

Make him feel special. Everyone loves to believe they are unique… and each and every one of us is, aren’t we? Cultivate your relationship with him. And to be able to customize your proposal, you must know him in depth (point 1).

Customer Service

6. Take care of your website

Spend time on your website. It is your window to the world. It is the first point of contact for many of your potential customers. Update it, pamper it and take care of every detail. There are numerous tools that will help you understand how to reach your customer and improve your online lead generation. If you bet on a blog, offer interesting content.

7. Don’t forget to be attentive

On many occasions, technology companies focus too much on the solution and forget to reach the customer. The customer always comes first. Be friendly and always serve your customer with a smile. Remember this fantastic Chinese proverb: “No smile does not open the door”.

Now you know the theory and believe me, it’s not that hard to put it into practice. We know that you will succeed and that you will soon see your customer base grow. You have already laid the groundwork. You know your buyer persona well. Now is the time to act. 

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