The best in marketing for technology

To start this year with the best marketing practices, we bring you a compilation of the top posts for technology companies and startups.


1. Differentiate your company by redefining your corporate profile.

One of the main handicaps among the technology companies, especially SMEs and start-ups, is to focus too much on the product, leaving aside its positioning. A popular saying goes: “don’t expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself”. Well, the same thing happens here. Defining is fundamental to make yourself known.

  • For your employees: It is important that they understand that they represent the company and are part of its image. The profile helps us to determine the tone of communication with customers, aspects of their uniformity or the values they should convey in their daily activities.

  • By your potential customers: People or companies that have shown some interest in your products will search for information about your company. Today we have a bottomless ocean of information in our own pockets. Anytime, anywhere, with a cell phone and internet connection you can know everything. Therefore, it is important to give a clear image of a company, well structured and with clear objectives.


2. Develop a marketing plan for your company.

A marketing plan is an essential tool in any business. Just as you design lines of work in all departments, such as production, invoicing or technical support, the marketing plan is the roadmap with strategies that improve the commercialization of your product or service.

Its development will help you to be unique and stay focused, as well as to use the best communication channels to demonstrate it. Because this plan clarifies what the key marketing elements of a business are, in order to establish the directions, objectives and actions you are going to take. But do you know how to develop a marketing plan for your technology company? Learn the essential preliminary steps and some tips.

3. Capture new sales opportunities

A lead is a person who has entered our website and has provided us with some personal information, such as name and email address. It is no more than that. It may not seem like much, but it is very important! From that moment on, the person becomes part of our database and becomes a potential customer.

Getting a lead generation engine will allow you to generate sales opportunities while you are at the beach or sleeping. But how can we get contacts? The answer is through extensive content generation. It is content marketing par excellence.

One of the most important secrets of content marketing lies in overcome the initial resistance that our prospects or leads have to the sales process. When a visitor becomes a lead, we must avoid approaching them with an offer that they have not yet requested. We would venture to say that this is probably one of the biggest mistakes that technology companies and, in general, B2B businesses make.

4. Take advantage of all the possibilities of social networks.

Without a doubt, social networks have changed our lives, and continue to do so. If your company belongs to the technology sector, you can’t ignore them. They play a key role in the technology industry.

What are the consequences for companies that have not yet taken them into account? They remain stuck in one-way communication, affecting their ROI by being at a clear disadvantage. Don’t think twice. If you still do not take advantage of it, we help you to take the leap and we give you some recommendations about social networks for technology companies. You’ll feel like a fish in water.

5. And promote your business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the professional network par excellence. It is the ideal place to connect with people in the same sector and an essential piece for sales people or job seekers. However, we can affirm that today it is also a very important space where big brands share content.

Large companies, whether B2B or B2C, have been able to take advantage of the popularity of this social network and use it to reach a wider audience by disseminating information of interest. But have you thought that you can do it too? Take note and find out what the four best promotions on LinkedIn from tech companies look like. Follow in the footsteps of the greats.



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