Top 10 Technology Blogs

Keeping up to date with what the best technology blogs are doing will help us get ideas. We have made a selection of the top ten technology blogs for you.

1. TechCrunch


It is one of the most established tech blogs. Founded by Michael Arrington, it stands out for many reasons, but one of them is undoubtedly its ability to generate a large amount of up-to-date content. It publishes an average of 5 articles daily in each of its ten news categories. It follows the news up to the second and its publications are very dynamic.

It uses an extremely colloquial but very attractive language. So much so that at the end of December it published a post entitled WTF is Brexit? (WTF stands for “What The Fuck”).



TechCrunch is committed to two-way communication. It always encourages collaboration from its followers and is not shy about asking for help to improve the information it offers.

The members of the team show an image of young people in their thirties, crazy and fun but who know what they’re talking about… And that’s how they greet the New Year.





2. Mashable

Mashable is a technology news blog founded by Scot Pete Cashmore in July 2005. It focuses mainly on social networks and innovative companies, although it also covers other current topics such as music, celebrities, videogames and films.


Mashable is a blog that focuses on social networks and innovative companies.

Like TechCruch, Mashable also publishes a large number of articles on a daily basis. Even in its early days, it posted a minimum of seven posts a day. Today, this figure has almost tripled. Moreover, this portal does not “rehash”, i.e. it does not copy content previously published on another blog and reuses it. Mashable creates original content and has a peculiar way of writing: direct and concise.

Mashable has a unique way of writing: direct and concise.

ashmore said in an interview that he loves writers who can tell a complex story in just three paragraphs. This is something that should definitely be taken into account in the online environment, because of how easy it is for any reader to stop reading our content and enter a new search.

Mashable also attracts a lot of attention in the online environment.

Mashable also appeals for its clean, simple and intuitive design, and its fun and instructive videos, such as this one about the history of emoticons that you can’t miss.

Mashable’s Mashable is a great place to visit, and it’s also a great place to learn about the history of emoticons.


3. Xataka

Xataka is a Spanish blog that is part of Weblogs SL, a group to which other tech-focused blogs belong. But Xataka is the leader, the number one. It publishes rigorously and passionately the new technological proposals offered by the market. It is a blog to which you should turn, at the very least, every time you have in mind the purchase of a new gadget. It publishes about the latest technologies in consumer electronics, reviews smartphones, tablets, consoles and videogames. It does in-depth market research and analyses one by one similar products on the market.

This blog was launched in 2004 and today it is the Spanish technology channel of reference, creating a community of influential and participative users. Xataka also celebrates awards since 2010 that give value to the best and most innovative technological devices. It takes advantage of the event to organise a meeting with followers in which the main consumer technology brands participate and in which the public has the opportunity to try out new devices that have not yet been launched on the market by the manufacturers in the so-called Tech Experiences. Xataka is, as they state on their website, passion for a future that has already become a reality.



4. The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple is one of the most important technology companies in the world today, as evidenced by the interest of the millions of technology fans who wait impatiently for its new products. For this reason, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) dedicated its blog posts especially to news from this technology company.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

Although TUAW is now part of Engadget, it continues to blog successfully: every day they usually publish one or more posts about Apple. Not only do they focus on explaining new products or services, they also report on iOS system updates, and all in language suitable for ordinary users of Apple technology. The posts are short and to the point, demonstrating the blog’s focus on conveying information in a clear and concise manner.

The posts are short and to the point.


5. Google Cloud Official Blog

Google is known worldwide for being one of the technology companies with the strongest commitment to progress and innovation in new technologies. Among its different projects is the Google Cloud platform, where users can find multiple tools for the creation of online applications in a single online space, from computing resources to data storage.

In order to keep users up to date with the latest news, they have created an official blog. Its design is very simple and is equally accessible for computer users as for those who visit the blog via their mobile devices. Its entries are based on new developments within its platform and related events; although they are essentially publications about technology, they seek to expand this theme to other areas, such as the education sector.



6. ExtremeTech


ExtremeTech is one of the longest-running technology portals, and is still going strong today. Founded in 2001, this weblog seeks to provide users with information about technology in different sectors: computers, mobile phones, cars, video games, science and more.

What’s the key? According to ExtremeTech, its team members are true technology lovers. Not only are they people who are passionate about new technological developments, they are also people who have developed their professional careers in these different technological sectors.

They are not only passionate about technological developments, they are also people who have developed their professional careers in these different technological sectors.

Their articles are more specialised in the technological field than other weblogs, however, they complement their entries with multimedia content such as photos and videos, which makes the reading very enjoyable.


7. Engadget

Apart from being the weblog that hosts the previously named The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), Engadget is another of the most up-to-date and interesting tech portals around. Like other blogs, it talks about tech news in computers, mobile phones, science, video games and more. What sets it apart from others?

There are two things that make Engadget different.

There are two points in which Engadget seeks to be different from other technology websites. Firstly, it devotes several of its entries to the world of entertainment, specifically Internet entertainment, such as YouTube or Netflix. In this way, they talk about content that interests their users without neglecting their main interest, technology. Secondly, several of the blog’s editors publish reviews with an informal and fun tone, and their posts are often accompanied by photos and videos, in order to keep users’ attention.




This weblog belongs to Wired Magazine, an American magazine created in 1993, which now has a website to publish its contents. Although it focuses on current affairs in the world of technology, its publications seek to analyse the impact of technology on society and culture. In this way, it invites users to learn about the most important technological innovations and how they impact on our way of life.

In terms of design, WIRED divides all its publications into blocks of content, so that users can find articles about technology in relation to the content they are interested in, such as culture, business, science, etc.



9. The Verge

What better than to appeal to tech lovers with a modern and attractive design? This is probably what the designers of this website have asked themselves. Instead of opting for the classic structure that other portals may have, The Verge offers a different and modern design, precisely a design in relation to its articles on news in the technological field.

The Verge’s content is aimed at users young and old: its technology publications are distributed across other topics, including science, entertainment, business and automobiles, as well as reviews by the site’s editors. However, what defines The Verge is undoubtedly the use of multimedia content to transmit more content, specifically the creation of podcasts and the uploading of videos on its YouTube channel. Undoubtedly, these interactive methods are attractive to all kinds of users.



10. Top10Tech

The design of this website is very simple at first glance. And it is also easy to see that both the homepage and each of the articles have buttons for sharing on social networks. This is undoubtedly a very good decision, as it allows users to quickly share technology news on their personal profiles.

In terms of content, its publications combine technical information and an informal tone. Internet, videogames, science… their informative articles are mixed with more entertaining articles, such as articles about viral videos or articles about prominent people.

They are also very entertaining.

Through the link “Top10Tech Lists” users can visit the publications where the website writes lists of recommendations, such as information about the best music platforms or lists of interesting technological products that can be bought online. A very interesting decision, especially since the editors are technology enthusiasts or specialists, and users will be more than interested to know about their recommendations.

The Recommendation List is a very interesting decision.


The quality of the content and the quality of the content is very good.

Quality content and a high number of posts are the two pillars of a successful blog. If you don’t have one yet, develop a marketing plan to help you get organised. Don’t wait any longer!

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