What is employer branding and how can it help your technology?

The concept of employer branding continues to expand among companies, including those in the technology sector. Find out what employer branding is and how it can benefit your technology company.

1. The evolution of the brand

The relationships between companies and customers have evolved over the years, and with them the strategies that must be implemented to acquire sales opportunities. Customers are not satisfied with simply acquiring products or services, they will invest their time in investigating whether these can meet their needs, whether the company they have chosen is a trustworthy brand, and thus choose to rely on their services on future occasions.

Similarly, the relationship between employers and potential future employees has evolved. A worker looking for a new job will take time to study the different job offers that exist, but they will also focus on studying the identity of the companies looking to fill those positions. Nowadays anyone can access a large amount of information about a company, from customer reviews to employee opinions. If a person is interested in working for your company, they will look for opinions from both your current employees and those who are no longer working with you. Whether your company has good or bad impressions from your employees has a big impact on the future of your next working relationships.


People with significant education and/or a certain degree of experience will not choose just any job offer, but will opt for a company that conveys confidence, professionalism and appreciation for its employees. The same applies if a company is looking for an employee with specific requirements: it is necessary to think of a plan to attract the best-prepared workers for the company’s needs.

Employees will always consider the company’s brand when accepting a position. This means that, in order to attract the most talented employees, you must demonstrate the most important values of your company.

2. The concept of employer branding

In response to this need to attract the most talented workers, there is the practice of employer branding. Although this concept was born in the 1960s and its use expanded in the 1980s, today its practice continues to be carried out among companies, including those in the technology sector. This is because more and more businesses are aware of the importance of taking care of the company’s image towards customers and employees.

The employer branding, then, is the brand of the company as an employer, that is, the image that your company conveys to your current employees and to employees interested in joining your team. Therefore, taking care of your image towards your clients is not the only way to improve your company’s brand, it is also important to take care of the feelings transmitted by your team and the experiences of those employees who no longer work in your company.

The main objective of employer branding is to demonstrate that you are interested in giving the same treatment to your employees as you do to your customers. That is to say, to demonstrate your interest in achieving the highest possible level of satisfaction for both groups, and thus maintain a cordial and trusting relationship in your work environment.

Your employees are the ones who best know your work philosophy, and they will end up making your company known both to their close circle and to people who are interested in working with you. That is why taking care of your relationship with your employees benefits both the development of the work and the impressions that they can transmit to others in the future.

So if you are looking for the best people in the technology sector, you need to show that your company will appreciate their talent. If you have a positive impression of your company, the more qualified candidates will want to join your team.



3. Know the key points of your strategy

Even though word of mouth is still taken into account nowadays, the most information about a company can be found on the Internet. Your website and social media are media that you can manage yourself and thus make a better impression on customers and employees, but the impressions left by former and current employees on other online sites cannot be changed.

In order to give you an idea of how employer branding works, we will outline some of the key points for a successful employer branding strategy.

Your employees are the voice of your company. The opinions of your team help to improve your team dynamics every day, and will also help to demonstrate your company’s values. Let them be the ones to convey your work philosophy, to explain what kind of atmosphere you have in your company. They are the best possible voice for your company.

All your employees must be integrated. The dissemination of the company’s identity is possible by all your employees. Not only the marketing department should be in charge of informing about the values of your team, every member can convey their personal feelings in the work environment. Every opinion is important and will be noticed by people who are interested in working with you.

Take advantage of social networks. Anyone interested in your company will go to your social networks to learn more about the day-to-day life of your company. You can showcase your team’s routine by sharing experiences, photos or videos of your own employees, for example. In this way, you will show the values of your company in a natural and close way.

Demonstrate your appreciation for talent and creativity. Every time a person enters your website or your social networks, let them know through your content that you have a high appreciation for talented people and that they are interested in continuing to grow every day. Many times people feel professionally “stuck”, and start looking for alternatives in which they can continue to improve their performance. If you show that you are interested in the creative progress of your employees, they will have more confidence in you and know that their talent is important for the development of the work in your team.

Be realistic and transparent. It is not advisable to sell values that you do not practice or are not interested in. Show the true values of your company, your true method of teamwork and your interest in the talent of your employees.

4. The benefits of employer branding for the technology sector

Indeed, companies that sell technology can benefit from the practice of employer branding.

The technology sector is not a world in which work develops gradually, on the contrary, it requires dynamism to meet both the needs of customers and new developments in the market that may be of interest to your business. Nowadays, many people with a high level of technological knowledge feel admiration for technological progress, which means that their training is constantly being updated and adapted to new developments. If your employer branding demonstrates your interest in technological advances and active, dynamic work, many more talented people are likely to be interested in working with you.

The commitment to creativity is a factor that is highly valued by employees in a technology company. Not only can innovations come from the market, but also from the employees themselves, who can come up with their own ideas to improve your company’s products or services. If you show your employees that you have confidence in their creative abilities, it will improve the performance of the group and also have a positive influence on the activity of future employees.

Today’s technology sector is a competitive world, and it is necessary to have the most talented people in order not to lose your position in the market. Start building your identity as an employer so that your team has confidence in your leadership and in your ability to face possible difficulties in the future. In addition, it is important to set professional goals that you know your team can achieve in the short and long term, and thus give them the opportunity to involve all their talents in the progress of the team.

Now that you know what employer branding is, it’s time to improve your employer image and get more talented people on your team. Get going!

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