Why is quality content important for a technology company?

Creating quality content will allow you to become a reference in the technology sector and for your customers. In addition, it will allow you to gain more visibility on the Internet and generate more leads or sales opportunities.

1. The importance of becoming a technology reference

Just as the world of technology is constantly changing with the arrival of innovations, online marketing is a world that is constantly looking to adapt to new customer needs. And the greater the importance of this innovation in marketing is due to the increasing use of the internet by consumers in their day-to-day lives. The web has become full of companies competing to position themselves in search engines such as Google and appear among the first results. You have already seen for yourself how much competition there is in the technology sector, and you want to avoid the risk of losing your online presence.

You may ask yourself, how can quality content help your business stand out in the face of stiff competition on the internet, especially among tech companies? Creating educational and value-added content on your website, blog and other online platforms has a bigger impact than you might think.


1.1. Technology education for your customers

Think about the list of your regular customers, or the new buyers you want to reach through your marketing strategy. Do all your customers belong to the technology sector, or do they belong to another sector and need your products or services? Do all your customers have the same education in technology.

You have probably on more than one occasion had to spend time training one of your customers because it was their first time using the technology practices you sell. Or you simply sell your products or services to people trained in technology and your offer allows them to use more advanced tools that can bring them greater benefits.

For both, all visitors to your website want content that helps them to educate themselves about new developments and trends in technology. Not only about your products or services, but about everything that lets them know why they need your company, how your offer can solve one of their needs or problems.

Today’s consumers are much more demanding when it comes to buying; they spend more time looking for information about the cause of their needs, they will study possible solutions and study different companies in depth before taking the step of buying. Customers need a reference, an authority on the internet that provides them with all the training they require before buying technology.

For this reason, customers prefer a website with quality content, content written by authors with knowledge about technology, in which they can deposit their trust in the search for answers to their problems or needs. According to The Content Council, 55% of consumers buy a company’s product or service after interacting with its content. Quality content, without a doubt, helps to get leads and close sales.

If you take a look at your online strategy, do you generate content to educate your customers, or just to sell your products or services? If you think you focus your online content to sell instead of educate, don’t worry, this is a good time to discover the advantages of dedicating more resources to content creation.

1.2. Your company’s online strategy

How does this affect your online strategy? This would not affect it negatively, on the contrary: it would help you optimise your digital marketing efforts and get more results. The marketing strategy based on the creation of content to achieve objectives is called content marketing. In other words, it consists of planning a whole strategy that supports all the content that you are going to create (website, blog, social networks, etc.).

And why is a content marketing strategy necessary for your company? Now that you know the importance of educating your customers, you can imagine that all your new content should follow a certain route. Depending on the audiences you want to reach and the knowledge you want to transmit, all your content should be based on a flexible strategy that is aimed at achieving specific objectives. It must be flexible because it must be a strategy capable of adapting to the changing interests and needs of your audiences. This way you will be able to generate useful and educational content for them.

1.3. Positioning in search engines

Positioning your website among the most searched keywords in the technology sector has probably caused you some headaches. By creating quality content, you will see that the solution does not lie in always competing for the strongest keywords on the internet. Rather, the solution lies in focusing your content on keywords with less visibility, but more specific.

In other words, you must choose keywords more appropriate to the users you want to reach through your online strategy. Creating content that provides quality answers to specific questions can bring you more results than directing your SEO strategy towards keywords with greater visibility, but with greater competition.

You can check this through a study of the keywords used by your potential customers. You will probably see that many do not search for a single word, but look for more extensive keywords, many in question format (what…, how…, why…, etc.), which in marketing are known as long tail keywords. Yes, you can imagine that directing your content to solve these more specific questions will attract more specific users, those who approach your buyer personas, with a greater chance that they will go through the conversion process on your website.


2. What can quality content bring you?

As you can see, nowadays it is necessary to have a strategy dedicated to quality content, both to provide valuable content to your customers and to make your company stand out from the competition on the internet. But what will it contribute to you to dedicate more resources to content creation? The truth is that quality content can bring you benefits in different aspects, both in the results that you will generate in your online strategy and in the perception that your customers will have about your company.

2.1. To your internet marketing strategy

Creating better content that brings value to your customers, and that is supported by the right strategy, can only bring you good results. Transforming the way you do marketing will help you achieve more goals using your current resources, and also help you expand your online reach.

Increase your online visibility. When users search for information about their problems or needs, they will stay with the website that provides them with the best answer to their questions. Therefore, thanks to quality content you will be able to reach more users and make them stay on your website for longer.

Improve the positioning of your website in Google. If you bet on generating content with keywords with less competition or long tail keywords, over time you will achieve a position among the first results of the search engine. In addition, Google has a great appreciation for websites that are dedicated to generating quality content for their visitors. Quality information sources are more likely to appear among the first results.

Get more qualified users for your business. By generating quality content aimed at solving the problems of a specific group of users, the greater the chances of attracting more qualified users to become leads. Thanks to a more targeted strategy, you will better reach users who may be interested in buying your products or services, instead of attracting visitors who over time will not be interested in your service.

Facilitate the user conversion process on your website. Content is not just about attracting visitors to your website. Thanks to your flexible strategy that is adapted to the objectives you wish to achieve, you will be able to create content on your website that helps users to progress through the buyer’s journey, and thus convert leads more quickly.

Expand your reach to new audiences. Thanks to your new quality content strategy you will find that you will get new first visits, as you are targeting more specific topics, and therefore, specific solutions that can help users who are outside your reach area.


2.2. To brand your technology company

Generate Brand awareness. Some of your regular customers already think of your business every time they need to buy a technology tool, but why not also become their main source of information about technology? Start generating content to educate your customers about technology news and trends and bring a new attribute to your brand, as a reference for education and information.

Attract new talent in your sector. Many talents in the technology sector want to feel reflected in the values of a company. And more and more professionals know the importance of working in trust with the customer.


3. How to prepare a content strategy

Now that you know the importance of having a quality content strategy, here are the main steps to follow to start creating better content for your online strategy.

Study your buyer personas and online market trends.

If you have been writing content randomly until now, it is time to plan a certain line to follow, and know the topics that interest both your buyer personas and the topics that are trending in the technology market. Are there new developments you can report on? Is there a new technology tool that people need some training on? What are the new issues that are emerging among your buyer personas?

From now on, it is imperative to keep track of trends. Not only to keep your training educated on the latest developments in technology, but also to discover new opportunities to generate useful content for your customers.

Plan a methodology according to your brand.

Regardless of the type of content you create, all your content should follow a strategy to keep users interested in reading it. For example, you must take into account the type of users you want to attract and convert into leads. Are they customers trained in technology, or do they need a global approach because they have no technological background?

Style, as well as a good level of writing and editing, are elementary to create attractive content. For example, users are not interested in content that is merely informative, but content that manages to transform that information into a story. We all like to find a pleasant read, with an interesting story to discover, while conveying information of value to customers in the background.

Of course, your style must be linked to the values defined in your brand. Remember that your content is part of the message you want to get across to your audiences.

Content programming.

The content of your website, articles, offers… everything must be published according to the objectives you want to achieve for your company, and with content that provides value to your customers. Each publication must be launched at the right time and on the right online platform. This is why it is essential to create a content schedule according to the objectives to be achieved in the short to medium term. Why? Because if trends are constantly changing, your content strategy must adapt to these changes. This is why we stress the importance of your online content strategy being flexible.

Create different content formats.

Quality content can be conveyed not only through blog articles. It is possible to generate offers, videos, interactive guides, and more formats, to transmit this valuable content to your website visitors. At the end of the day, quality is not only in the words you use, but in the way you present the content to your customers.

Monitor and analyse the results.

After publishing your content, it is not advisable to forget about it. It is essential to track the interactions of visitors to your website with that content: is it getting visitors, have users subscribed to your newsletter after reading it, have they downloaded it and become readers?

Generating content should get you results. And if it doesn’t, it is important to analyse what you can improve in your content and optimise your efforts, so that the time you invest always brings results and not losses.

As you can see, working on a content strategy takes a lot of dedication and sometimes requires more experience in content creation. That is why it is highly recommended that you turn to a team of online marketing professionals to help you prepare your content plan and make the most of your current resources.

Images: (CC BY 2.0) Mehmet Pinarci | (CC BY 2.0) Marco Verch | (CC BY 2.0) Kevin Dooley

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