Top 10 most viewed tourism videos of 2015

YouTube has become an extremely powerful tool. With a simple video, your brand can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers.

Of the ten, four relate to airlines or aviation-related companies, three to hotels, and the remaining three to miscellaneous companies. Between them, they received almost 170 million views on YouTube.. The surprising thing is that the number one on the list got almost half of them. Nothing more and nothing less than 88 million views, a shocking amount, don’t you think? in our opinion, it is not for less. It’s an elegant video, creative, very well set, with an excellent quality and with an attractive music -by Glass Candy-. If you go on youtube, you have surely seen it because it is part of a powerful campaign. It lasts 45 seconds and invites you to fly in a world full of magic. Do you want to know what it is? 

The second position goes to the Legoland Hotel in Florida, with 16.7 million visits. It is a video that has gone viral because it responds to the experiences of a family throughout their journey, with an everyday and domestic humor. The recording is home-made (made by the father) and the duration is 24 minutes.

In third position is a Boing video of an air show performed by one of its Vietnam Airlines aircraft.

Delta Airlines ranks fourth with a very funny and entertaining in-flight safety video. It is just over 6 minutes long and has received a total of more than 9 million views.

Turkish Airlines is the protagonist of a classic but very tender spot that touches the heart, and has obtained the fifth position in the ranking. It lasts one minute and the children are the real protagonists. Expand your world is the chosen slogan.

Marriot Hotel has achieved, with two different videos, the sixth and eighth position. “The power to travel is in your hands”, in sixth place, shows the advantages of the online world and the chain’s app.

“French Kiss Official Film” is an authentic film production, with protagonists and a love story with a denouement. Set aside 25 minutes and make popcorn.

Airbnb, the vacation rental company, ranked seventh.

Google Maps, with a beautiful video set in Nepal and reproducing the life of the Sherpas, is in the ninth position.

In last position, although very close in number of visits to the one that precedes it -with 5 million and something- is Disney Parks with the latest Pixar production Inside Out.

YouTube has become an extremely powerful tool. Let’s not forget that it is the largest video sharing website on the Internet and one of the largest video search engines in the world.. With a simple, thoughtfully crafted video, your brand can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers. It is also a platform that allows you to interact with your customers, answer their questions, comments… It is an excellent way to promote your business. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t wait any longer.

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