4 success stories of hotel marketing campaigns

Four success stories of online marketing campaigns for hotels: Accor, Starwood, Hilton and Palladium. Four success stories in hotel advertising campaigns.

1. An innovative communication campaign in social media

Not long ago we explained the importance of having an online presence in social networks. Of course, supporting your entire marketing strategy on social media is not advisable, since it is essential to destine time and resources to the creation of campaigns for your presence in the most relevant channels, that is, those in which your potential customers are found. But social networks are a perfect terrain to unleash your creativity and create campaigns that generate notoriety, especially those that generate interaction with your followers and, in this way, generate engagement of users with your brand.


Yes, your followers will love to know what are the next activities in your hotel, or know the most interesting discounts to spend their future vacations in your establishment. But social media can open many doors, which can only be opened with creativity. Millions of social media users post hundreds of thousands of messages every minute, but only those campaigns that are authentic, surprising, are the ones that will remain in the memory of your followers and not just another message that they ignore when they glance at their timeline.

1.1. AccorHotels

AccorHotels is, without a doubt, one of the pioneering hotel brands in online hospitality. And with such prestige, both its followers and the hotel market are expectant in front of its digital marketing actions. With a slogan such as Feel Welcome from the first click(“Feel welcome from the first click”), the hotel chain considers important the customer experience from the first moment they visit the company’s website

AccorHotels developed an innovative, unique campaign on Twitter. In 2016 the company became the first brand to employ #MyFirstTweet to target users who use this hashtag when posting their first message on the social network. Normally tweets posted with this hashtag do not usually get a response from the social network, so AccorHotels decided to create a welcome in a personalized way for users who used the hashtag.

This campaign lasted a week and was carried out in seven markets: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. And it doesn’t stop there: AccorHotels sent a customized bathrobe for users, with their username engraved on it. The condition, as you can imagine, was that users posted a selfie sporting the bathrobe on their profiles, also employing a hashtag specifically intended for this campaign: #FeelWelcomeFromThe1stTweet.


1.2. What has been the key to your online marketing campaign?

The surprising thing about this campaign was not only the initiative to welcome Twitter users, taking into account that every day thousands of new accounts are registered, but that the hotel company knew how to merge the digital world with the offline tourism world.

AccorHotels spoke of the sensation of feeling lost when arriving in a new place, something that can occur on the Internet and in any other area of life. And to generate that connection with its audience, AccorHotels puts the counterpoint by showing how its customers feel welcome every time they visit its hotels.

With this ingenious campaign, the hotel company has created a powerful engagement of users with the brand, even for people who were unaware of the chain’s existence. Undoubtedly an authentic strategy to transmit in an attractive way the brand.

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