7 ways to get your hotel website ready for Christmas

Christmas shopping represents between 40% and 80% of annual sales for many brands. But creating promotional campaigns with discounts is not the only thing you can do for your hotel or chain's website. Some timely changes to your website can make a difference. But which ones?

Dress up your website with Christmas elements

Does it really matter whether or notyou adapt your hotel website to the Christmas season if you already include related offers? It certainly does. Think of it another way: why do department stores dress up in their best lights and decorations? Why are there trees, garlands and Christmas plants in the stores? The answer is because this creates the right atmosphere, which puts potential customers in a festive mood, making them more likely to make purchases.

And even if your hotel website is conversion-ready and designed to meet the preferences of your potential consumers, the truth is that many people “change on the chip” this season. Therefore, in this case dressing your website with Christmas elements not only makes it visually more attractive, but it is also understood as a more active, dynamic, fresh and in tune with your consumers.


Also, what we would consider a seasonal redesign can also help you create a sense of urgency for the expiration of the holiday itself and, therefore, can improve your room sales. That is, using different elements and colors can help you direct your visitors’ attention to the products or services you offer and convey the message that they should hurry. But how exactly do you do that?

1. Adding holiday special effects.

The most obvious, and one that many brands do, is to change their header image to a more festive one. And while it’s a practice we recommend, you could still make some simple modifications. Always being elegant and adapting to the requirements of your own website, you could add special effects that call that Christmas spirit.

  • On the buttons of your menu. On the one hand you can add, a “Christmas Special” with exclusive time-sensitive offers. On the other hand, you can add some magic, by changing the colors or adding sparkles.
  • Adding ornaments with a life of their own. Images of mistletoe or garlands that do not interrupt the user experience and consumption of content and that non-intrusively remain at the margins of your pages. Adding parallax effect or other elements; or, including snow effect to some of your pages, such as home.

2. Adapting, if possible, your logo and colors.

Renewing your brand logo for this season can give you a stronger presence and even help you generate more brand awareness for your business. And this small effect can help you connect with your customers, since you will be sharing the same Christmas spirit. In addition, this way you are creating expectations: something has changed on your website, what will it be? It is another tool to attract the attention of users and announce your promotions for this season.

Now, adapting the logo does not mean that you have to design one from scratch. The truth is that for your customers to recognize your brand, the changes should be minimal, that is, a few touches that give it a festive air would be enough. And although it may be that the composition of some logos does not allow it, generally it is usually possible to add some decorative element to it, from flakes to gift boxes, through Christmas balls, Santa Claus hats, to snowmen.

On the other hand, you may decide to adapt the corporate colors of your website, thinking a different color pantone for the season. And in this case, the quintessential Christmas color is red, a striking and bold color that in addition to recall the Christmas celebration is also one that expresses urgency and is a good idea to promote offers that are uploaded for a limited time.

3. And yes, giving prominence to your offers.

If normally your offers do not occupy a very relevant part in the home page, for this season it is essential that it is one of the first things that users see when they enter the web. If you want them to be in the Top of Mind of your users, these promotions should have a more prominent role, they should be located in the header image itself. And if you do not make any kind of promotion, you can simply use the banner to wish happy holidays to visitors.

Yes, remember that these are just some ideas, but it does not mean that you should implement them all at once. In many occasions less is more and even if for this season you want to take a risk.

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