5 basic tips for an online brand. How to go from like to buy.

Online branding is much more than just an icon to differentiate one property from another. The brand is the essence of a company, its soul, its DNA.

A lot of time has passed and, not surprisingly,today brand is much more than just an icon to differentiate one property from another. In a consumer society like ours, brand is the essence of a company, its soul, its DNA. But it is clear that it is useless to have a spectacular brand if it does not reach the people, the public, the consumers.

Andy Stalman, a marketing specialist with a great reputation in Spain and Latin America, suggests the implementation of a new term. In his book Brand Off On. Branding the future , which you can buy here, assures that “the fusion and synergy of both -branding and marketing- gives birth to brandketing. Marketing without branding has no soul. Branding without marketing is mute. A new word for a new world”. Stalman says that products today have to connect with audiences, a digital audience that moves and consumes in a digital environment.




But really, we felt like we were on the edge of a cliff. The Internet is still very young and some of us, not so young. But it is clear that there is no turning back now. It is necessary to renew or die. Don’t be afraid, evolve, spread your wings and learn to fly. Throw yourself into the void, but with confidence, charisma and momentum.


If you want, we give you five basic tips to create an online brand:

  • We start with the logo. It is preferable that the image of your brand, your badge, has contrast and visual coherence. It must be highly legible. The current trend is what is known as flat. That is, flat, without shadows or exaggerated effects. More minimalist. Often it’s the simple things that really work.

  • Everything that surrounds your company has to breathe the same style. The content -what you communicate- and the container -the design- of the website, the blogs, the way you navigate through your website, the interventions in social networks, the links you offer… Everything has to have the same line, the same philosophy… The same culture that you express in the offline world. Because sensations are also perceived through the network.

  • Design a good marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, the branding is the cornerstone of a good online marketing strategy and for it to succeed, you must know the brand in depth, and adequately reflect its essence. It is a fish that bites its own tail. The best solution is, as Stalman states, to practice the brandketing.

  • Determine your target audience. Treat him or her with respect but in a close manner. Fight for new customers, but don’t forget to keep the ones you already have. As you know, a satisfied customer is your best advertisement.

  • If you want efficient results, get advice from the experts. If there are professionals in this sector for a reason, don’t you think so? Everything is subjective, and the branding is by no means an exception. But success in colors and shapes goes beyond tastes… If you want to be competent and turn the like at buy, seek the support of those who know best.

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