What is a buyer persona?

Defining your buyer personas is essential to create the right content, because not all the visits your website receives are potential customers.

Wondering where you might be going wrong?

Perhaps the solution is not as simple as rethinking a content strategy for your website, because the fundamental basis is not complete. In fact, your potential loss of end customers may be associated with the lack of identification of potential customers with your website.

In addition, it may be that, with changing consumer demands, the definition of your audience is imprecise. Therefore, you must be much more specific about who you are targeting in order to meet their needs and offer appropriate content from your site. And don’t think that segmentation is enough. 


How do you get the right traffic?

Unfortunately, your company will never be able to meet the needs of a broad group of people, no matter how hard you try. In fact, if you try to please a large number of users from your business website, you will end up creating content that doesn’t provide anything of value. You won’t have anything that really differentiates you from your competition.

If you want to attract the right people, you need to find out what their motivations are for traveling, what they expect from the experience, what concerns they would have about the trip, how much they would invest in their vacation, and so on…

buyer people at destination

That is, you need to understand who they are, why they come to you and how you need to treat them to grow your business. So you generate the right content, in the right format, that can engage them. That’s where the power of the buyer persona comes in.
buyer persona

If you create a buyer persona, you will get closer to your prospects’ needs. Why? Because your persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on real data and demographic information, behavioral patterns, motivations, needs, goals and challenges.

A poorly created buyer persona will fail to improve your business because it will only be based on what you think your customers want or on data from irrelevant sources. Therefore, you need to base it on what your prospects really need.

So, defining your buyer personas is essential. Because not all visits to your website are really potential customers.You need the profiles of these buyers to segment, screen prospects and target the right content based on the consumer lifecycle of the traveler’s journey.

This will not only benefit the content strategy of your online marketing campaign, but all the strategies you implement to increase bookings and purchases from your website. For example, when you have to create content for your blog or email, it will be easier to personalize the messages, to convert the prospects you are interested in from your business database, into final customers. 

On what basis do you build a buyer persona?

Although by definition, they are fictional representations, the buyer persona profiles that are built are not based on fiction. Your company does not necessarily have to have a fixed number of buyer people. Think of them as living elements that need to be reviewed annually. Thus, these buyers are based on a quantitative and qualitative research (90% data, 10% knowledge).

1. Using tools such as Google Analytics you will be able to better understand the interests, needs and desires of your web users. Plus, you’ll know which sources lead them to your website before they buy or register. And demographic reports will allow you to segment your potential customers based on their age, gender, location, etc.

2. Through interviews you will get a more detailed idea of what attracts them, what motivates them and what they think about your products and services. Your staff at the destination, in this case, would be your best help. They are the ones who can get first-hand feedback from your end customers and let them talk about their experience.

3. With surveys you will also get information if you direct them to:

  • New customers, if you want to improve your conversion rate.

  • Frequent customers, if you want to boost your loyalty program and look for trends.

  • The customers who spend the most, if your goal is to increase your profit per guest.

  • The abandoners, if you want to know why they didn’t buy your product or service and improve customer satisfaction.

How do you create a buyer persona profile?

By combining analytics and knowledge-based data, a profile can be built. There is no right or wrong way, just keep in mind that the more information you add, the more accurate the profile will be.

And if you want to know more about how to make use of buyer personas follow this entry

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