Parity clause. 3 elegant tips.

3 useful tips that will allow your hotel to "fight" against the parity clause

As the saying goes: “as the law goes, so goes the trap”. Don’t worry! We are not encouraging you to cheat, but we are going to give you 3 useful tips that will allow your hotel to “fight” against the parity clause. In an easy, simple and elegant way. In addition, it recalls that there is a legal vacuum on this issue and that today there are already many European courts that declare this clause illegal. For example, the Düsseldorf High Court of Justice declared them illegal on January 9. The hotel industry often lags behind other sectors in terms of technological innovation. Possibly, the same thing will happen in this particular aspect. Do you want to know what strategies are implemented to avoid the parity clause by online sales gurus in other sectors? Aim!

  • Pop-up capture email Offer the best offer to your potential customer. Ask for their email at the beginning of the navigation and send them a hidden page with private discounts on the spot. If the customer does not decide to give you his email at the beginning of the connection, try it at the end of the connection by offering to send him interesting offers.

  • Private page discount Direct your online visitors to a private page directly, and offer them a hidden discount, a code that allows them to receive offers available at the moment. You should avoid the typical subscription trick because customers want instant gratification. Play your game.

  • Autoresponder There are many and varied tools that help automate email marketing. But be careful, they must be used correctly and, as far as possible, customized. If you don’t do it this way, it can work against you. If you do it right, you can fine-tune the delivery of discount codes in a personalized way, at the right time, etc. One of the most popular for its easy usability is Mailchimp, but be careful, if you have more than 2,000 subscribers, it is no longer free.


Remember, whenever you implement a campaign, measure the results. The advances in applications to measure the impact of these strategies are spectacular, so much so that you may find yourself in the middle of an ocean with no direction. As you know, for this and much more, the best thing to do is to turn to a specialized agency… you will avoid sinking.

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