Differences between a CRM and an email marketing tool

What is a CRM? What is email marketing? The line that differentiates a CRM tool and email marketing is not always clear.

 What is a CRM?

If you have been with us for some time, you have probably heard us talk about CRM as the heart of your business. We think so because what other tool allows you to know and improve your relationship with customers and contacts who are, after all, the core of your business?


So, the definition of CRM is all that methodology and, obviously, tools that are responsible for managing the relationship that your company has with your contacts (whether leads or customers). As you can see, a CRM is not only a tool, but it also implies carrying out a business strategy that allows you to understand your customers, know and anticipate their needs and achieve your company’s objectives. The software is what allows you to visualize all these data and actions.

A CRM tool is the one that will help you manage all the information provided by your contacts (to manage your strategies), as well as the internal information of those actions that your team carries out to achieve it. In other words, a CRM system will help you integrate sales, online marketing and advertising strategies with the knowledge of your contacts in an organized way.

What are its advantages?

Today you must be clear about one thing: the maxim of any business that succeeds online is knowing its customers. Without relevant information about the buying cycle of your potential customers, in this case the traveler’s journey, it is impossible for you to implement a strategy that will continue to bear fruit in the long term.

For this reason, a CRM is the vital center of your business. Think that if you have all the necessary data that make you know the needs of your contacts, as well as a record of the sales and marketing actions that your team does, you can know how your strategy really works and evolves.

Also, one of the keys to managing the relationship that your company has with your contacts is segmentation. A CRM will allow you to segment your database to personalize and focus your strategies, ensuring their suitability at all times.

HubSpot CRM 

What should you ask of it?

If we talk about the software, keep in mind that it must have an up-to-date record of the historical data of the online journey, the buying behaviors and preferences of your contacts. Without forgetting the relevance of sociodemographic data, which are essential. In addition, it should allow you to create segmented lists of your audience, so that it is easy to identify different sales opportunities based on their behavior.

Remember that a CRM system must be adaptable. Not only to the needs of your hotel’s website, but also to the needs of your sales team. This means that your team must be able to work with a quick and intuitive tool that allows them to investigate the behavior of the contact as well as record their actions, think that internal communication is also vital.

Email Marketing Software

What is it?

Before going into detail about what the tool is, let’s understand what email marketing is and what it is not. We could say that this strategy is at the heart (yes, as you must have seen they are central pieces of your business) of any self-respecting online methodology.

Taking the Inbound methodology as an example, emailing actions serve to convert the contacts in your database into qualified leads (sales opportunities) and help improve the relationship you have with them. To put it simply, email marketing is one of the best strategies to increase conversions from contacts to customers. Therefore, it is not an obsolete strategy and typical of traditional marketing if we carry out marketing campaigns aimed at satisfying our potential customers.

But the campaigns that are carried out, depending on your strategy, are many. For this reason you need to

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