3 reasons for low customer loyalty at your hotel

Customer loyalty programs are losing their efficiency in hotels. Know the reasons why your customers are not loyal to your hotel.

Here are the reasons why your customers are not loyal to your hotel.


In an environment where competition is growing and growing, people have become more demanding and critical. And if you also consider the current impact of Airbnb on the hotel industry, we can say that hoteliers will have a hard time attracting, and above all, retaining their customers. In fact, the hotel industry has been one of the fastest growing: over the last 15 years, this sector has grown by 1.6% per year (STR Global). And as you should know, Airbnb consists of attractive deals for practical consumers looking for value for money.

In other words, consumers are offered a wide variety of choices, making it more difficult for them to make up their minds at the final step of the buying process. They will always look for the best option.


Changes in consumer wants and needs

If guests used to be more interested in price, they are now more concerned about quality criteria. Hotel chains focus on discounts, while customer loyalty is not only built on offers, but also on quality and service. Regular customers expect to be treated differently than new customers. They want, for example, free Wifi access, included dinners, the right to choose better rooms or the possibility to customize them.

That’s why you have to understand the values of your guests to know how to satisfy them and build loyalty.

Advice and recommendation

If your guest is loyal today, it not only means that they will come back, but also that they can recommend and promote your hotel and location. These recommendations are essential because of the added value they bring to your establishment Why? As mentioned above, people are becoming more and more demanding and consider all options before booking their vacations. To do so, they spend more time seeking advice, opinions and recommendations on the Internet, especially on social media platforms.

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