Customer loyalty. The basics you must master in strategy.

Wondering how to implement an effective loyalty program? How to motivate your customers to repeat their next stay with you?


If you identify with any of these questions, it is important to pay attention. Today, emotional intelligence, social intelligence is one of the keys. Empathy is essential in any job, but even more so when dealing with your customers. You have to learn to recognize what your potential customers’ needs are in order to be able to offer the best personalized experience. Because that’s what they are looking for: experiences.

And what are the fundamental bases of any loyalty program? Today we show you the essential techniques to empathize and lay the foundations for customer loyalty that you can adapt to your hotel loyalty software.


Listen to

In order to listen to your customers, there is one tool that can help you: social media. Monitoring what is happening in social media conversations (mainly in groups) is important to understand your potential consumers. In fact, with this monitoring you can identify specific keywords that will help you in the development of an effective online strategy.

This information can help you to know the valuation of your content on your hotel website, how is the ‘user experience’, the problems your customers might have, their frequent doubts, how intuitive is your booking process, etc. Mentions of your products and/or services can even help you improve them to increase consumer satisfaction with your brand. That is, to increase direct reserves.

Collecting qualitative data in the pre-sales and post-sales phases enables you to better understand the preferences and needs of your consumersIt also makes it easier for you to communicate with them, educate them about your brand, change to improve what is not working in your hotel and innovate new products and services. In short, to improve the customer experience and their perception of your brand.


Asking questions is as important as listening. When you know what your potential customers need, you can ask what they think of your changes. For example, have you recently renovated your facilities and included a gastronomic restaurant in one of your hotels? If you had taken into account the needs of your customers, you should know what type of restaurant should work best, right? Now is the time to ask if this change in your business meets the expectations of your customers. Innovate to improve, never the opposite.

If you think you are not getting enough feedback, you can ask more specific questions to find out why they are interested in buying your products and/or services or what problems or expectations they have with what (new or not so new) you offer. Conduct satisfaction surveys or gather information from a public relations person who will be honest with your guests. It is essential that you take into account both verbal and non-verbal communication in this process.

Customer service should be one of your hotel’s priorities. This involves helping your customers achieve their objectives, which in this case is directly related to having the best experience. By understanding your customers you will be able to know if your solutions and recommendations are relevant and useful to your customers and thus meet their expectations.

Remember that the success of any hotel comes from the added value it brings to its customers. That added value is education on topics that interest, inspire and are relevant to today’s tourists. Demanding travelers who are not only satisfied with just having a vacation, but want to be able to get the most out of their experience, their trip. For this reason, the consumer travel experience is both offline and online. You must take into account the entire purchase cycle or traveler’s journey.

Follow-up is essential. Even if your customers, for example, have not agreed to join your loyalty program, tracking ensures the excellence of an online booking process. Have you solved all the doubts? Did you send the emails with all the booking data? Have you carried out promotional campaigns and benefits? Have you educated your customers (and potential customers) on all the activities they can do during their stay (even those not directly related to your hotel)?

It is important that your business can solve problems and support your customers’ objectives. To this end, communication remains fundamental, as it is the best way to ensure that each interaction meets the expectations of each contact. To meet the expectations of a recent customer, for example, it is important to be able to create personalized follow-up email workflows, including phone calls that humanize the process.

Your customers will not remember all these interactions with your brand, but they will remember whether they were positive or negative, i.e. how they felt in general before, during and after their stay. Think of this as a precursor to evangelized customers with your hotel brand. Because if even when they don’t belong to your loyalty program the follow-up is excellent and they are aware of this, imagine the expectations you will create with your program!

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