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For online video platforms such as YouTube, interaction metrics (e.g., views, likes, number of times content is shared, comments and viewing time) provide a basic barometer showing how the audience responds to videos. These metrics are important because they allow you to base your strategies on data, as well as the content of your video ads.



Quality content that travelers find useful, entertaining and shareable should be sought. To achieve this goal and as we like to provide value, we will detail our seven keys to success in a video marketing strategy:

  1. Add value. The brands and tourism companies that succeed with video are those that add value. Therefore, don’t just transmit information in a video, try to make the content or the way it is presented carry a lot of weight.
  2. Time is important. The average attention span of an online video is 2.7 minutes. Therefore short videos with a short and direct message are the best for users to watch to the end.
  3. Excite with your story. The videos that work best are those that capture viewers’ emotions.
  4. Consistency is appreciated. A very important factor in providing value is consistency. If you manage to awaken the interest of your audience, regularity motivates them to follow you, since they will come to you with the expectation of continuing to enjoy your content and your products or services.
  5. Call to action. It is very important that you always add a call to action at the end of your videos. You must decide what action (like, comment, share, sign up for your channel, click on a link, book a room, sign up for a loyalty program, etc) you want your followers to take and focus on it at the end of the video.
  6. Diffusion and more diffusion. It is time to spread the word. Here you have to rely on all channels that add value to your brand or tourism company.
  7. Measure to learn. Launching video marketing campaigns and not measuring the results is like sailing a boat with only one oar. No matter how hard we try, we will only move in circles and we will not advance.

Whether you are a hotel, a travel agency, an OTA or a company that sells in-destination activities, video marketing offers you a multitude of advantages.


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