Engagement: What are your guests really looking for?

Do you know what are the preferences of your hotel's potential customers? What factors can influence their decision? How to generate engagement?

As a hotel manager, you may find this question absurd, but the answer is not as simple as it seems. Do you know what are the preferences of your hotel’s potential customers? What factors can influence their decision? How to generate engagement?and so have the rules of the hotel market. There are several factors that can be identified as the cause: globalization and the increasing affluence of travelers, as well as the evolution of technologies. If customers used to value luxury rooms and sophisticated hotels, now their expectations have changed, they are different from what they were a few years ago. So, let’s think about it and answer the question: What are my guests really looking for?

It may sound secondary, but now offering free Wi-Fi access is not just another extra, it has become a necessity. Business travelers, for example, will need to check their e-mail. If your guests are millenials you know they will die if they can’t update their friends on social networks or post their most recent experiences. wifi is now a must-have tool!


Your guests will also take into account other more material aspects: for example, when you survey people we can see that great importance is given to breakfast. Today it plays a key role in a traveler’s decision making for two reasons. Firstly, because guests always like to enjoy a nice and tasty breakfast to start their day, without having to leave the hotel. So don’t waste any more time and offer them their breakfast! There is no such thing as a free lunch. But be careful with the quality. People are looking to have experiences. And food is part of the experience. Simply put: consumers love the convenience of being able to have their breakfast at the hotel, and they love the experience of a good meal. Now you know what it has to do!

Speaking of experiences, you might have guessed that it’s not just about food. The consumer will experience different emotions, and personalization for example of products and services make them unique and special. Even small changes count. From giving your customers the option to have a pillow they like, because realistically, when they spend a night in your hotel they want the comfort they paid for. For those who have a car, you could also offer them free parking. In addition, you could include power adapters available for your foreign guests; saving them that little hassle. One by one these little things matter.

Meet customer needs to generate engagement.

It can be easily understood that the price of your hotel rooms is also something that travel consumers care about. These users will be looking for the best value for money, obviously. In other words, your potential customers want value. And not only that, but also honesty. This means they want to be sure that they will receive services that correspond to the same value they will pay for.

And speaking of value. Maybe you had thought that publishing valuable content on your website consisted only of uploading good images of facilities and services with their respective descriptions. This is not enough. Your online users are looking for more information to compare and weigh their options. With branded content you can be much more creative, because it involves creating content that is related to your hotel brand, but not directly to your products or services. In other words, this content must provide value, convey emotions, satisfy needs. In short, the new content generated must be able to connect consumers with your brand. Create engagement.

Last but not least, when looking for the hotel in which to stay, consumers will also take into account the benefits and discounts of your loyalty program. In fact, your loyalty plan is one of the most important factors guiding your guests in their decisions. So think about it: do you have a powerful loyalty software for hotels? do you offer loyalty benefits or do you have a loyalty software for hotels? do you offer loyalty benefits?

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