What is Google Destinations? Now also on your computer

Do you know Google Destinations? Learn how your hotel can benefit from working with Google. Appears among the results of popular hotels.

Hotel metasearch engines, mobile apps, online travel guides… Can travelers be better informed today? Google has achieved this by launching this year the Google Destinations tool. As they say “a new way to plan your vacation”.

Smartphones are already an extension of the human being. How many people do you see checking their cell phone while waiting at the doctor’s office or on the subway? And what are they looking at? According to Google’s 2015 data, mobile queries related to travel increased by 50 percent. But were these searches converting on the small screen?


If there is one thing that cannot be booked so easily and lightly, it is travel. It’s not about buying a dress or headphones on Amazon. Can you imagine? Having to open multiple tabs on your mobile, waiting for flight results on the different websites you usually consult, waiting for a response from hotel metasearch engines and informing you, on the other hand, about which destination is more convenient for you to visit on such and such date. Arduous task.

What is Google Destinations

Until now. With Google Destinations we can now consult everything we need for our trip by navigating comfortably from a single window. All from the same Google search engine.

Although Google Destinations was first launched for mobile devices, it is now also available for desktop use.

Let’s do a test

Type in the Google search engine a city, country or continent and add the word ‘destination’. You don’t notice anything unusual in the first results?



Now this is what Google will show you for this type of destination and travel searches. In addition, if you do a general search, for example, for a continent, Google will show you the results filtered by interests, as shown in the image: music, theater, shopping…

And once you have made your choice of destination, if you click on the different sections, Google shows you all the possibilities of your trip and everything you need to know about it.


Google Destinations informs you about the most visited places.


In its new tool, Google integrates everything: best time to travel to the chosen destination, weather, tourist influx…


With Google Destinations you will know when to travel.


It will also show you the most visited places, reviews and ratings, map positioning, images and videos, upcoming events, peak hours of the places to visit, schedules, contact, suggested itineraries…


Google Destinations tells you the most popular places to visit in the destination.


Google Destinations works with a highly intelligent system that is able to track the millions of data according to flights and hotels on the dates you are most interested in. In addition, you can customize your trip by indicating the flight stopovers and even the category of hotels you want it to show you.

Google Destinations shows you the estimated price according to dates.


Why Google is so important for your hotel

Google Destinations works closely with all your data and tools. Specifically, Google Destinations has a direct connection to Google Flights and Hotel Search, among others.

In its results, Google Destinations displays hotels according to the user’s search (category, number of guests…).


Google Destinations presents the most popular hotels according to their ratings.

And that’s exactly why you should be interested in everything related to the Internet giant. What does Google Destinations show about hotels? The establishments according to the user’s travel preferences, according to their ratings (Google reviews) and position on Google Maps. Do you want to be there?

If you still don’t work with Google, in our post Google tools for tourism: free and easy to use’, we explain why it is so important to work with Google My Business and the social network Google Plus. we explain why it is so important to work with Google My Business and the social network Google Plus. Among other advantages, being connected with Google will help you to improve your SEO positioning and you will be able to appear in a privileged position in Google Local searches.

And, of course, to opt to be among those popular hotel results that Google Destinations shows to so many travelers every day.

If you are not registered in Google My Business and/or you don’t know where to start, download this free step-by-step guide .

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