Google tools for tourism: free and easy to use

Google is a very powerful resource for companies. In this post we present the best Google tools for tourism. Surely you didn't know them all!

In recent years, Google has optimized the way its users work. Now, with a single Gmail account, you can access for free to all the Google tools for business that we detail in this post (including Youtube).

Google My Business: positioning ‘above’ Booking

It is a must, not only for hotels, but for any business. It is ridiculous to have to fight for a first position when a user searches for our company directly on Google.


And, although it is ridiculous, it is a reality., for example, bids on Google Adwords for the top positions of hotel brands at a price that hotels cannot match. The hotel is then relegated and can never fight for that first position even if it is directly sought after for its brand. Until now.

We are going to offer you a solution to this problem, which does not involve investing huge amounts of money fighting with Booking or other OTAs. There is no better explanation than this image. Appear on Google in the most prominent way and for free!

Free Google My Business tool

Signing up for Google My Business is very quick and easy. Once you have signed up, when they search for your brand on Google, your company will look like this.

 The Google My Business tool allows you to highlight


Have you noticed? Without Google My Business this hotel would appear in much lower entries, as there are up to four companies that have bid for the top positions (ads) in this search. But with Google My Business the hotel stands out, it has a direct link to your website (which translates into more
direct bookings
) and your contact is loud and clear.

It should be noted that Google My Business encompasses the former Google Local and Google Places. For those who still do not have it clear: by opening a Google My Business account you will already have the possibility to interact with their other professional tools. Google always optimizes your resources.

Google Plus will help you rank

The Google My Business tool will not only allow you to improve your position in Google and increase direct traffic to your website, but you will automatically have the possibility to work with the Google Plus social network. This social network is also a very powerful tool for your SEO positioning.

Although there has been talk of its demise, we should never underestimate the Internet giant. The new design of Google Plus and the creation of communities by dividing its content have relaunched this network in recent months.

Although it is not in the same figures as Facebook or Twitter, Google Plus moves very interesting data for tourism companies. You can see some figures in this image. Conclusion: never ignore what Google offers you.

Data on Google tools.


Google Maps brings you closer to your potential customers

More and more users are searching directly on Google Maps for the name of a company instead of its address. If your hotel appears on Google Maps, you will have earned ten points. Think about it, users are looking for companies that are close to their location.

Make sure you appear not only by your name, but also by your industry. See the example in this image.

Google Maps tool displays company information


How to appear on Google Maps? If you have already created your Google My Business account, you will automatically appear on Google Maps. Make sure all your data is correct. If this is not the case, or you see information that does not convince you, do not hesitate to contact Google. You will always receive a friendly response.

Google Alerts: what they say about you

Taking care of online reputation is among the obligations of any company. The Internet is available to everyone and is a powerful tool for good marketing, but it can also bring you a bad reputation if you don’t know your online presence well. It is important to know in which media you appear and what they say about you.

The Google Alerts tool allows you to automate alerts. You can add, for example, the name of your company and Google will send you an alert every time there is a new interaction with your business name.

Google Trends or what your customers want to talk about

Google Trends will be your right hand when it comes to knowing what’s going on in the network. It will help you find out what is trending on the Internet, what people are talking about. In Google Trends you can compare up to 5 terms at a time and see which one is the most searched. In this way, you will be able to direct your web content strategy towards the users’ interest.

It must be said that Google Trends is not the most powerful tool to measure search results in Google, but it can be useful if you do not have great knowledge of analytics and want to start working your web content with few resources.

If you are interested in going deeper into web analytics, we recommend working with more powerful tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics or Hubspot.

Youtube, the other Internet giant 

It should not be forgotten that the second largest search engine is YouTube. And, of course, it is already part of Google itself.

There are users who still do not understand that YouTube has become a search engine and not just a video player. Many Internet users search for information directly on YouTube, without even going through Google.

Take advantage of this boom. More and more users prefer to be informed through videos rather than by reading. We prefer to consume images rather than text. And if they are moving images, all the better.

If you are thinking about working with
video marketing
this is your moment. You will double the chances of being found by your potential customers, since you will appear in two powerful search engines (Google and Youtube). In addition, Google already offers instant video results:


Google shows video results for any search


Internet users spend up to 88% more time on websites with videos. Want more numbers? Video marketing can increase your conversion up to a whopping 80%. Keep this in mind when leveraging online marketing resources with Google.

Google Analytics, measurement and analysis of web pages.

If you are one of those who go crazy with the measurement of your website, here are a few tips that can help you improve your web analytics. There are many tools to measure visitor traffic, as many as there are flowers in a meadow in spring. But don’t worry, this small article will probably clear up some of your doubts.

You know it and the whole world knows it. Google Analytics is the tool par excellence in measurement and analysis of web pages. Why? It’s free, all right, but that’s not the right answer. There are many others free of charge, at least during the first periods.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that periodically incorporates improvements and new features that help us to discover a lot of important data such as new visitors, recurring visitors, what content users are interested in on our website… It also provides technical information such as browser operating system, time spent on the web, bounce rate, traffic sources, geographic locations…

Still, let’s not fool ourselves, there are many other analytics tools   that offer, if not everything Analytics offers, enough to keep you well informed about your web metrics and that information will be useful to improve your business and increase conversion.

So what does Google Analytics have that other tools don’t? Without a doubt, it is very, very easy to use. But at the same time, it is an extremely complex tool that offers an infinite number of resources for experts and connoisseurs in the field (they even offer certificates of proficiency). It is extremely popular and, as you know, get famous and go to sleep. Although, in reality, none of this has been done by Google. He has become famous, yes, in a good way, but by no means has he gone to sleep.

Google is an extremely dynamic company that every day surprises us with new ideas, new contributions, new products that can complement each other. A clear example is Google Analytics with Google Adwords, whose mission is to increase the number of visitors. And that, of course, is a great advantage over other tools.

We have made a study, we have analyzed, we have contrasted opinions with other experts in the field and, finally, we propose three more tools, three alternatives that may be of interest to you.




Want some advice? Use the analytical tools you are most comfortable with, but above all, don’t stick with just one. Take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer without going crazy because having more than one platform allows you to contrast data. Don’t forget. SEO positioning is essential for your business. Keep your eyes wide open. 

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