The basics for marketing your hotel in 2018.

Until recently, marketing a hotel was not an issue, but now consumers in the travel industry have different needs. Get to know them!

Until recently, hotel marketing was not an issue, but now consumers in the travel industry have needs that are not limited to price, location and even exclusivity of accommodations. Today we are looking for personalized experiences from the moment we start the purchase cycle until we finish it. And this for your hotel means implementing changes.

Differentiate or die

The day has come when differentiation is no longer an option, but an obligation. Travel users are looking for experiences that are unique, special and add value. We look for a connection with the brand that creates the right expectations.


1. Create a unique website with its own booking engine.

The hotel industry’s products and services are evolving at a dizzying pace. It is not easy to maintain the engagement of travel and experience consumers if we are not attracted to your brand and your values. Especially today, when loyalty hangs in the balance. That’s why your brand has to encompass everything your hotel wants to be. Your brand defines you, identifies you and with it you communicate.

And how do you think is the best way to show it? With a unique website with a booking engine. An own website will allow you greater control over the distribution and satisfaction of your customers. With your own domain with booking engine you will be able to control the message you send in each of the phases of the purchase cycle (traveler’s journey) of your consumer.

In addition, hotels have to maximize the purchase process to the maximum and adapt it to any screen. Because most users feel comfortable using both the computer and any of the mobile devices at our fingertips. If time is money, the purchase process should be as intuitive (and fast) as possible to satisfy the user experience on our website.

2. Implement the right strategies to attract.

A website without marketing strategies that support it, is an empty shell. To boost online bookings and improve your revenue you need to implement the right strategies to attract potential customers and convert them. And not just any user.

Here the practice, although it doesn’t sound quite right, is discrimination. Because not all consumers are looking for the same experiences, your hotel should only focus on those most likely to be attracted to yours. You need a marketing methodologyfocused only on your consumers.

With an Inbound marketing strategy you will be able to attract and convert potential users into satisfied guests. Your job is to generate content that satisfies these consumers. Because content is what we look for every day on the Internet.

3. Establish the basis of a multichannel experience.

Thanks to the Internet the exposure of your hotel has no barriers. Today you can reach your potential customers through multiple channels. For this reason you should focus your efforts on the network and the social platforms that can best make you known. Create the right content for each channel.

Remember that your hotel has to highlight its differences. Each hotel has characteristics that make it special and distinguish it from the competition. communicate it! And remember, your consumers expect the experience you offer to be multichannel.

Provide value

If you don’t provide value, you will hardly leave a mark. They will hardly consider your brand when making a booking. In other words, the digital marketing of your hotel depends on the added value of your products and services. To achieve this value:

1. Collect data to know your customers.

The Internet leaves a trail of consumption data and browsing preferences. This data is essential when it comes to really know your customers, and to analyze what needs your hotel can satisfy. Getting this data  will help you increase direct bookings and adapt your strategies in real time to improve the marketing of your hotel.

It’s a fact, you should get as much data as possible;

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