Hotel trends 2018. reveals some predictions.

Is your hotel ready to welcome 2018 travelers? Here are some hotel trends we can already predict for the year ahead.

As expected, new technologies will continue to gain ground in this market. And not only in the hotels themselves, but the traveler is already searching, booking and getting information in a very different way through the network and even using virtual reality. The tourist will also look more than ever for new experiences at the destination and also in the accommodation itself. has analyzed 128 million comments from guests who have booked through its platform, and the keywords that have been most repeated have left us with very curious ideas for predictingwhat the hotel trends of 2018 will be like.


Cinematic tourism. In search of scenery.

Cinema and, above all, television series, are arousing curiosity among the most cinephile travelers, who are interested in learning about the scenery behind their favorite characters.

According to the study,36% of travelers in 2018 will seek inspiration for their trips in the locations of television series, movies or even music videos. For example, the most popular television destinations are Croatia, Spain and Iceland, all of them locations of the series Game of Thrones.

Some events, such as exhibitions and expositions, or theme parks about some well-known saga, such as Harry Potter, also move the tourist  to opt for certain destinations to enjoy the experience.

The youtubers are the new destination promoters

The recommendations of a relative or friend are no longer the most important to take into account. According to the Booking study, 39% of travelers will look for ideas for their next destination in a YouTube video or blog. The youtubers have become true influencers even when choosing where to travel. And there are more and more travel blogs that we find on the net. There is a perfect blog for every destination and  for every style of tourist.

From your hotel, you can also work campaigns with bloggers or youtubers. In this article we tell you more about influencers.

Disconnection and wellness tourism

As has also been seen in many other sectors, taking care of yourself is in fashion. Eating well, doing sports and focusing on one’s own wellbeing already moves a large sector of the population. It is therefore not surprising that this trend has also reached the tourism sector.

Although in 2017 wellness tourism was already the choice of many, next year it will double those interested in destinations for disconnection and health. In this trend we include both spas or beauty centers and destinations for cyclists or for water sports enthusiasts. A meditation or yoga retreat also appears among the interests of 15% of travelers surveyed in the study.

Escapes. Shorter, more frequent trips.

Gone are the days when we only traveled once a year, but in a big way. Getaways, both romantic and among friends, are in fashion. And the cheap prices that can be found today to fly to various destinations are not to be wasted. This leads us to travel more, albeit for a shorter period of time. What we know as getaways.

According to, 25% of respondents want to travel with friends this 2018. The increase in the offer of accommodations for groups has facilitated this type of travel which, in addition, are usually cheaper than when one travels as a couple.

A 100% personalized experience?

As we have already said, new technologies will continue to have their moment of glory in 2018. Users are no longer surprised by recommendations that arrive automatically to their email or in the form ofan advertisement on Facebook, for example, after taking an interest in a destination. According to, 29% of travelers are already comfortable with artificial intelligence when it comes to travel.

In the same vein, 34% of respondents say that using virtual reality before booking would help them be more confident in their purchase. Why not travel virtually to the destination to confirm that you’re interested in the trip? Or, perhaps a virtual tour of the lodge?

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