Customer loyalty: increasing direct bookings from my website

Surely more than once you have asked yourself: how can I increase direct bookings from my website? Loyalty is one of the keys.


Automate and gain time to communicate with your customers.

There are many tasks to manage on a daily basis in a hotel. But most of them can be automated. Make sure you don’t waste time on functions that can be solved by a PMS or other management software.

Leverage the potential of your front desk staff to build guest loyalty. Your customers want you to tell them what your city is like and suggest the best local food restaurant.


Don’t forget to write down their tastes and preferences, it will be very valuable information when segmenting your database and carrying out loyalty campaigns.

There are applications to successfully communicate with millennial guests. One example is the Houtel tool. You can learn more about its functionalities in this Winhotel post.

Customer loyalty increases your direct bookings

From customers to promoters: Advantages for you or your friends

It is a good practice to carry out actions to make a customer repeat their stay in your hotel, but this should not be your main objective. Distances seem to be getting shorter and shorter and tourists tend to visit new countries. But even if your guest doesn’t become a repeat customer, they can become your promoter!

Offer advantages not only for him, but also for his friends. Encourage them to share their experience in your hotel with their circle of friends and propose advantages for them too if they book through your website. Maybe your best friend has not yet visited your city, and he/she would love to hear your proposals!

Local loyalty

Don’t forget that part of your audience may be very close. Local customers can help you increase direct bookings through your website. Offer them advantages for being residents and for choosing to book in your direct channel. Who doesn’t want to plan a getaway from time to time?

In addition, if you offer other services such as spa or restaurant, promote them to the local public as well.

The importance of segmentation

Customers like to feel unique and to be treated individually. A mass loyalty campaign will not have the same effect as a targeted mailing according to the hobbies of each consumer, for example.

Invite them to play golf when the good weather starts, or to the gastronomic festivals of your town or city if your client is afoodie Or simply congratulate them on their birthday and offer them a promotional code to redeem in the booking engine of your own website.

And herein lies the importance of segmentation. It will be much easier for you to create targeted loyalty campaigns if you have a rich and organized database. 

One last tip: simplify. Do not force your user to enter more data than necessary to book through your website. The faster the process, the higher will be your conversions. And increasing direct bookings from your website has many advantages that I’m sure you are already discovering.

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