Up to the last room. New technologies to increase reserves.

The tourism sector is one of the most changing and at Amara we want to keep you up to date. Discover the new technologies that will help you increase bookings.

Byhours, rooms by the hour

It was a need that the public demanded and that finally someone has made a reality: Byhours offers the opportunity to book hotel rooms by the hour.

Byhours is a young company from Barcelona that sells micro-stays (that’s how they call these hourly bookings). They are not presented as an alternative to your booking engine or OTA’s, but as a complementary service: filling those free slots in a different way, gaining additional benefits.


More than 2,500 hotels are already taking advantage of this new way of selling their rooms from Byhours. Rooms are offered in packs of three, six or twelve hours. And it works! More than 150,000 customers have booked for this type of stay. And the Byhours app is not doing badly either: more than 50,000 downloads.

Who could be the audience for this type of reservation? Business travelers, travelers who have a long layover at an airport… In Byhours, there is potential audience throughout the year.

If you think about it, it’s a way to increase your sales and make the most of your customers’ time and your hotel’s space.

If you are a hotelier, you can access their website to learn more about their conditions and way of working.

Byhours is a platform that sells hotel stays by the hour.

Workhotel, the hotel as a place to work

Workhotel was born thinking about hotels as a place to work. Workhotel allows its users to reserve rooms or other areas of the hotel (conference room, meeting rooms…) in order to work.

Workhotel’s target audience is business travelers or freelancers in general who have (or want to) work away from home. Workhotel is the alternative to coffee shops with wifi, where many freelance workers can be found in big cities.

With Workhotel, this public can find a quieter place to work: your hotel. There are many different services that the hotelier can provide through Workhotel, from a room to snack and beverage service.

It’s another way to maximize your hotel’s revenue, either by selling space or rooms.

Roomize, the social network for hoteliers

Although Roomize is not a tool designed to increase your bookings, we think you might find it interesting and we wanted to introduce it to you, in case you didn’t know it yet.

Roomize is a social network exclusively for hotel industry professionals. The idea is to put owners of tourist establishments in contact with each other so that they can exchange accommodation and knowledge.

The idea was born from an Italian hotelier who was looking to meet other colleagues in the industry to exchange ideas and to facilitate his travels.

In this way, hoteliers will not only be able to find free accommodation, but will also have the opportunity to learn how the tourism sector works in different countries and cities and will be able to make friends with other professionals in the sector with whom to share ideas.

Roomize is a social network exclusively for hoteliers.

Every day new companies are born that offer resources and tools to the hotel sector. At Amara we will try to keep you up to date. You can consult another article on new technologies in tourism in this link.

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