Practices to make you fall in love with your loyalty program

Build the loyalty program to make your customers want to repeat, because to get new guests you must double your efforts.

For that reason, and without further ado, here are the best practices you should know when building the loyalty program your customers will love.

Added value

Most consumers don’t pay attention to brands, as there is too much to choose from. Therefore, to make a difference, the emotional factor is essential. In this case, consumers do not see the need to be loyal to companies, but to their beliefs. What attracts them is the added value your hotel can bring.


We already know that the ultimate purpose is to make a profit. But how you choose to achieve your goals is also important. So, if you need to build a real connection with your consumers, you have to build a brand whose values they can admire and identify with.

For this reason, your brand has to encompass everything your hotel wants to be. It is essential, because as we already know, we cannot build the house from the roof up. Your brand defines you, identifies you and with it you communicate. Therefore, you need to lay the foundations of your identity, to know yourself and to know the needs of your potential customers.

Your brand is where you start and end.

Excellent service

A great service experience is going to be, from now on, one of your guest’s top priorities from the moment they book one of your hotel rooms. In fact, they will be willing to spend more if they are confident that your service will live up to their expectations. Because customers are looking to satisfy their needs and a satisfied guest will always be your best promoter.

On the other hand, the bad reputation spreads like wildfire. That is why you have to keep in mind that your potential client’s first encounter with your website, and later, your client’s first impression of your hotel’s service, are very important. Because consumers don’t think twice about badmouthing you if your hotel turns out not to have the service they expected.

To lead a hotel, you have to offer excellent service.


If your hotel can go one step further, offering personalized service is on another level. It’s what can make the difference in building lasting loyalty that attracts your guests. And just a few small changes can make a big impact.

One of the best examples is to make your guests feel welcome. In this case, follow-up actions are essential: email marketing will work when your customer has already booked online, and with a form you will be able to offer personalized solutions during their stay.

When this customer witnesses the great service, with personalized notes, that your hotel offers, it will be easier to get their engagement. Starting with the website and ending with your hotel staff, you have the ability to deliver an experience that fosters a deep connection.

Therefore, make every effort to be personal.

Practice what you preach

Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to prevent a mistake from happening. We are all human. And your hotel is run by real people who make mistakes. Therefore, in these cases, it is crucial to be properly prepared to deal with these eventualities. Once again, it is your service that will make the difference.

If you are able and willing to solve any problem immediately, the complaining customer will not continue to have that attitude until the end of their stay. In these situations, the sooner action can be taken, the better. Giving them adequate attention, so that they do not feel abandoned.

The same applies to online support. Sometimes, it is not so easy for Internet users to find everything they want on the Internet. When it comes to your hotel’s website, you want to make sure that there will always be someone there to answer any questions and solve any problems.

And is this important for your loyalty program? Of course. Think of any customer coming to you having done their homework. If they have read reviews that are not flattering enough, they will not want to know much more about you, and even less about your loyalty program once their stay is over. Even if your efforts (e.g., with email marketing) begin at the time of booking, your customer may not decide to accept the loyalty program until after their vacation experience.

You have to be there for both the good and the bad.

Learn with feedback

What would your hotel be without satisfaction surveys. As you know, they are fundamental, especially to improve your loyalty program. Feedback from your guests is one of the basic elements when it comes to getting to know them well, and analyzing what needs your hotel can satisfy.

Email marketing can help you in this case, both to know how your customers’ stay has been, and to know if the service experience has been satisfactory. That way you can adjust your hotel’s methodology and make improvements to your website as well.

Allow all members of your hotel to organize themselves based on the updates and do not fail to train your employees in the values and good work and service practices. They are the ones facing your guests, so they should know your products and how to handle the situation based on your customer typology.

Knowledge does not take up space.

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