3 reasons – Your hotel online marketing strategy is not working

If you want your customers to find you, you have to be online. Even so, it seems that your hotel's online marketing is not working as it should. Why?

Yet, it seems that your online marketing strategy is not working as it should. Why?

Well, it’s probably because you are not optimizing and taking advantage of the full potential of your website. Surely, if you approached your site from the Inbound marketing methodology you would get higher conversions, and therefore, more sales.

What should you do better? 


You don’t have your buyer personas defined. 

Ummm…That’s a big problem.

In online marketing, and more recently with the advent of Inbound marketing, it is necessary to define well who are those people you want to reach, the most likely to convert on your website, ie, which people could become customers

There is no other formula than to create buyer personas based on both quantitative and qualitative research (90% data, 10% knowledge). Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can learn more about the interests, needs and desires of your website users. Through interviews and surveys, you will also get relevant information from your people. The more data you get, the better. And the more you use on their profiles, the more accurate these will be.

Any other strategy according to this Methodology, which you would put into practice would be considering your buyer personas within the different stages of the buyer’s journey.

You are not optimizing your content strategy.

You are losing potential customers, either because your content is not suitable for your buyer personas within the buyer’s journeyhotel; you have not defined your main objectives and priorities; and/or you are not using the appropriate keyword strategy.

A proper hotel website must be responsive

You want to be able to attract the right traffic to your website, so you need to integrate a content strategy. This is not an Inbound marketing tactic by itself, as Inbound is about attraction, conversion, and ultimately sale. But it certainly has to be used well to feed the top of the funnel: a means to reach your end goals.

This technique consists of creating the right content, using the right keywords at each stage of the buyer’s journey. To do this, you need to take into account the needs of your buyer personas, where they are spending their time and sharing content (such as social media platforms), and what content format is most likely to attract (blogs, vlogs…)

You need to be consistent, focus on valuable content and its quality, not quantity, and have real feedback with your potential customers.

And do not forget to incorporate a web design for hotels optimized for mobile, preferably with responsive technology that is able to adapt to any screen, since mobile devices are more widespread than computers today. Users prefer to consume products and services from companies that offer a mobile experience, with the appropriate design and fast loading.

You don’t convert or nurture leads. 

The potential of the Inbound Methodology is in the conversion phase, where different techniques are implemented in order to convert visits into leads, these into sales opportunities and, finally, into customers. That’s what you want, right?

If you’re missing the opportunity to convert them, it’s most likely because you’re not using the right Call-to-Action (CTAs) to elicit a response from your prospects. If you try to offer solutions with your products and services, but don’t make it easy for your prospects to take action (conversion), you will end up losing them. So make sure you place CTA’s on every platform where users spend their time.

On the other hand, let’s assume that you have managed to attract visitors and convert them into leads for your hotel thanks to CTA’s that do work. But that’s about it. Your leads don’t do anything else. That’s because you are the one who is not “nurturing them“. And how do you do it?

The most common way is by implementing an email strategy and automation.

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