Revolutionize your tourism marketing strategy

All tourism companies are clear about the customer journey. It revolutionizes the tourism marketing strategy to think of the user as the center of everything.


The six stages of the traveler's journey

In the former, customer attraction and acquisition efforts are concentrated on the latter. This is where all web and ecommerce projects are framed and, in turn, at this stage, companies with more strategic awareness carry out campaigns of
inbound marketing

Once the purchase of the product or thereservation (booking) has taken place, we start the stage during which the tourist begins to live the travel experience. It is now where companies in the tourism industry execute up & cross-selling and loyalty actions. It is precisely at this time that a customer experience strategy can also be deployed.


Finally, when the trip or vacation is over, let’s enter the after phase. The loyalty that was started in the previous stage must be reinforced at this time so that the tourist (customer) will trust and buy again.

However, these stages or phases are not watertight because they are integrated in a cycle that feeds back on each other. In fact, once a customer has completed a cycle, he/she provides a huge amount of data to the tourism company that, if the company knows how to take advantage of it, it will have at its disposal the opportunity to revolutionize its marketing strategy.


But as we like to be clear and as no example of what you have read comes to your mind, we will show you some of them:

Urgent Vacation Center by Hilton

Melia Digital by Melia Hotels International

Disney Mymagic+

Starbucks Social Relationship Marketing

Nevertheless, these initiatives are still exceptional, because in most cases a marketing strategy is not deployed with the necessary relevance. In fact, today, understanding and believing in the importance of customer relationships in marketing is vital. So, as you can see, transformation in this case is not an option. You can only choose to lead it or be dragged along by it. What do you choose?

If you are aware and choose to lead this transformation or revolution, your company will be able to take its online marketing strategy to another level. The objective is to revolutionize the communication strategy and start thinking about the user as the center of everything. Every company has a story, so you have to inspire and attract with yours, through interesting, useful and impactful content to make your customers fall in love with you and build customer loyalty. Thanks to this revolution in the way you relate to your customers, you will be able to boost satisfaction and, therefore, profitability.

In conclusion, this great revolution is focused on reinforcing the value proposition to the customer thanks to multi-device technology, personalization and prediction, and new digital marketing platforms that make it possible to truly adapt the customer journey.

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