HubSpot Methodology. Much more than a tool.

To attract potential travelers to your website, you need a good online methodology and a competitive tool to support all your marketing actions.

However, there is currently a lot of competition in the sector. Experience and travel consumers are spoiled for choice. And for them to select your site, you need to lay the foundations of a good online methodology and have a competitive tool that supports all your actions. Today, you need to know how and where to apply Inbound marketing techniques.

Broadly speaking, Inbound marketing is a methodology that combines a set of marketing actions to transform your website (your window to the online world) into a conversion funnel, in order to motivate your prospects to purchase when they are ready.


Its philosophy is to create content that your potential customers love, with the integration of digital tools for analysis, measurement and automation as HubSpot’s platform does. And so you can manage costs, increase your marketing reach and ensure that your customers can find your products and services, creating marketing workflows with which to make a profit. Therefore, the Inbound methodology proposed by HubSpot is the solution for your company if you want to:

 Advantages of HubSpot

1. Be found by Internet users.

In the Inbound marketing methodology, the fact that unknown users arrive organically to your website would correspond to the Attraction stage. And how do you attract new visitors?

  • Capturing the attention of consumers with valuable content that generates engagement, through strategies such as blogging and social media and without forcing your products or services.

  • And of course, optimizing your website so that the most qualified traffic feels comfortable browsing and has a good user experience.

To this end, in order to build a website that attracts visitors, HubSpot has reformulated the popular CMS with online marketing and SEO best practices in mind. This platform has integrated a COS (Content Optimization System) tool, with which it is possible to create a website with an easy optimization system, as well as a blog section and a social network management section, with the possibility of monitoring, automating and analyzing traffic.


2. That you convert prospects and get customers.

Converting is the fundamental step of this methodology. How you work on conversion will influence the success of your strategies and in obtaining end customers. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • Maintain the interest of your prospects with content that you warn that can satisfy them based on the cookies on your website. Using Lead Nurturing techniques, Lead Qualification, which consists in the segmentation of leads based on their predisposition to purchase.

  • Work on email marketing, to help consolidate those qualified leads, creating personalized messages thanks to automation. And thus be able to shorten the purchase decision process.

To make this process easier for you, HubSpot integrates a software CRM with which you can track the actions of visitors, leads (potential customers) and customers on the web. Also, with Smart Content it is possible to manage and customize content. For example, with the use of intelligent CTA’s and landing pages with adaptive forms; and with the personalization of your website’s home page based on the user’s preferences.

In addition, with marketing automation it is possible to initiate a workflow. Therefore, this platform makes it easy to control specific tasks: generate automatic responses to new leads, inform or send personalized content by email, etc.


3. That you build customer loyalty.

The Inbound Methodology uses content marketing as the main strategy for all stages of the traveler. The actual experience of the tourist is as important as the others, since a consumer who is satisfied with the product or service he/she has purchased is the ideal candidate to promote your business, and is also the best person to build loyalty. How?

  • Working smart content through email marketing and social networks, so that your customers know the advantages of loyalty.

  • Helping you with automation to manage all your loyalty program efforts.

4. That you analyze results.

This online marketing methodology is fully adapted to new consumer trends. A profitable methodology, because although its results are not immediate, in the medium term sales opportunities can increase by more than 60%. For this reason, the analysis of results is essential for companies, especially in the tourism sector.

This analysis is intrinsic to all actions implemented from the platform. The statistics and analytics that HubSpot integrates are ideal, as they combine easy-to-track data across different marketing channels, allowing you to modify actions based on the needs of your online business.


And with HubSpot, training your employees is easy too. It includes an academic section that not only trains you in the best practices of Inbound marketing and the use of the platform, but also diversifies the academic content according to the needs of the marketing and sales departments of your company. Because HubSpot is much more than a tool. Need more reasons?

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