Mobile Marketing for hotels. Website and application.

Having a mobile website and an app for your hotel is a must today. Learn how to use them in your inbound marketing strategy.

How does the presence of mobile technology affect the tourism industry? According to Google, 51% of smartphone users use their device for travel-related activities. Of these, 71% do so at least once a week. Cell phones have become an easily accessible resource for almost every travel need. These are the main activities on mobile devices related to tourism during one month.

Smartphone hotel inquiries

We hope these statistics have convinced you that in order to achieve success in your inbound marketing strategy it is necessary to take mobile marketing into account. Smartphones have become the inseparable companion of our customers. We all carry our cell phones with us when we travel, go to work or just take a walk. Mobile is a perfect way to connect with our customers, we must “be there”, accessible at all times.


The question of choosing between the mobile website and the mobile application is not as old as the question which came first, the chicken or the egg? But today it occupies the minds of many. Why choose? Both are very beneficial to your inbound marketing strategy.

Hotel website Mobile-friendly

It’s no wonder you’re thinking about making your website mobile-friendly. We are all familiar with the words “responsive web design” and “mobile optimization”. But did you know that they are actually very different?

Responsive design
means that your website works perfectly on all mobile devices. Each page is automatically resized to fit the screen of each device so visitors don’t have to scroll from side to side.

Mobile optimization refers to mobile-first design, different from desktop design. It has nothing to do with resizing, but with customizing content for the needs of mobile users. But why bother to do so? Very simple: to improve your online experience. For example, if your customer clicks on a phone number on your website, they will be able to call you with a single click. These are small gestures that are appreciated.

Making your website mobile-friendly will undoubtedly help you get more visitors. Google now includes mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, and guarantees a higher positioning of your website in search results. All are advantages.

Your own mobile application

If you decide to develop your hotel’s application, endless opportunities will appear on your horizon. These are some of them.

Digital check in/out via mobile is a growing trend among hotels. It greatly simplifies this process and, more importantly, makes it faster, allowing your guests to start enjoying the hotel’s facilities without delay.

The Hilton hotel is a good example, as its mobile app strategy puts it at the forefront of technology in the hospitality industry. In addition to mobile digital check in and check out, Hilton has launched digital key functionality, so guests can use their mobile device as a key to their room. The arrival of clients is made easier, without the need to go to reception to check in and pick up the key or access card to the room. The problem of lost keys is also solved with this ingenious application. Don’t you think it’s fantastic?  

Book with a single click. It has been shown that people are more likely to purchase products and services while traveling than before the trip. Take advantage of this and make the booking and purchasing process as simple and convenient as possible. You can design your application so that your guests can request an upgrade, order room service, book spa treatments or simply order drinks at the pool.

All the information a customer could want can be provided through an application. Make your guest feel confident that they can find the answer to their question in their own pocket, just one click away, whether it’s about your hotel’s entertainment offer, menus, restaurant opening hours…

Communicate with your customers anywhere and anytime with the messaging application. Follow your itinerary and check how you are doing and if you wish to purchase any additional services.

Advise them about new activities, services, or inform them about the best deals on where to go and what to do in the destination with notifications from the app.

Both the mobile-friendly website and the mobile app of your hotel are very beneficial to create the best online and offline experience for your customers. So why choose? Make them feel comfortable and well informed. Audiovisual content will also help you achieve this. 

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