A Phantom is born, Phantom III. Google’s new algorithm

A new Google SEO ranking algorithm has been released. Phantom III, we explain some details.

Do you want to know what Google rewards when evaluating websites? Want to know what the new Phantom III is all about? Quality content is the most important highlight of Phantom III. This new algorithm aims to ensure that users’ expectations are met as long as the information provided satisfies their doubts or concerns. Google clearly defines that “text content must support the user’s intent; it must provide real value to the user“.

Google does not care about text length, originality or quality. It is so astute that it knows perfectly well what the user reads and what he does not read. So if we put a text, very well written, with many keywords, original, daring, but that users do not read … sooner or later, it is known. And Google penalizes it. For example, if in our hotel web site we expose a text with keywords that we want to position but the user does not stop to read it, we are making a mistake. However, if we add useful information for our customers such as services near the hotel, tourist attractions in the city, how to access by public transport… Bingo! We will be right. Duplicate content is no longer an obstacle for positioning in Phantom III. Phantom II’s little brother has been born improving the possible deficiencies it might have and we could say that it is less severe. Thus, for specific topics such as song lyrics or dictionary entries, examples of texts in which words are frequently repeated, Phantom III takes this into consideration.



If you want to know how this update has affected your website, you can check your SEO visibility for free in this website. Another aspect that has been modified in the new version of Phantom is the positioning by keywords with third-party brands. Now, Google gives preference to official brands even if they do not have an online sales service, and penalizes other unofficial websites that sell products of certain brands and that are interested in positioning themselves ahead of the official website. To make it easy to understand, we will tell you that this point will harm, for example, the positioning of OTAs (online travel agencies) that sell hotel rooms. Google has not yet officially confirmed an update, although our data and experts in this area confirm this.

We will continue to keep a close eye on new movements in the rankings and new quality guidelines. It is not an easy job because the Phantom, as its name suggests, appears and disappears. And, as you know, in this race there are more and more experts and this can end up hurting you. Run so you don’t get caught by the ghost and, if you see that you can’t, the best thing to do is to get close to a good tree because, as the saying goes, he who leans against a good tree, has good shade.

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