Post on Facebook and have my fans share it. How to get it?

Learn how to post on Facebook and get your fans to share your posts. Do you know the Edgerank, Facebook's algorithm? Learn how it works.

Very briefly, currently these positioning conditions are as follows:

1. Fans who interact with your page(likes, shares…) are more likely to see your news on their wall.

2. The older your post is, the less likely it will appear on your fans’ wall.

3. Edgerank favors posts containing videos. But be careful, embedded videos on Facebook. If you force the user to leave to watch a video (external link), Facebook will penalize the post and it will be shown to fewer followers.


4. The more interactions a post has, the more it will be shown to other followers, since Facebook will understand that it is an interesting post.

Keep in mind that, just like Google’s algorithm, the Edgerank is constantly changing and what works for us today to position ourselves or to know how to work our publications on Facebook will not necessarily work tomorrow.

In addition, Facebook detects as negative everything that is (or looks like) advertising and has not been promoted from its platform. So beware of trying to sell or do special self-promotion from this social network if you have not paid Facebook its fees.

And no, you won’t be able to fool them with promotions presented in image format either. Facebook will detect that the image has a high percentage of text (which the algorithm cannot read and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like this) and will penalize the post anyway.

So, what’s left? Fans.

In addition to the drawback of Edgerank, there are more hurdles to be added to companies that want to work content and followers on Facebook: their own fans. Although they are the light at the end of the tunnel for brands, it is also true that users are increasingly reluctant to share content on their profiles. And this content shared or even created by our followers is the one that Facebook positions better. The challenge is open.

Nowadays, social network users know that their profiles will never be completely private and that it is very easy to make a mistake in this type of media. As a result, they have become wary of what they share, and not just anything goes.

Facebook posts.

How do we then get prescribers of our brand through Facebook?

Improving and further customizing the content. Users have a personal attachment to their profiles (they are called personal profiles for a reason) and will not interact with just anyone or share irrelevant content.

According to data collected by La Vanguardia, users spend almost two hours a day on social networks. So, they should be a great medium for brands! Here are some tips to attract as much, or as much as possible, of your followers:

1. Use images in all (or almost all) of your publications. An image is retained longer on the retina and is more easily remembered. Posts with images are shared more than posts without visual content.

2. You have to try to blend in with the environment in which you are trying to succeed. Don’t give your site a chalice of sales and promotions only. It has to look like your page is just another profile, where you share interesting and useful content for your fans.

3. Approach your audience through a video (no longer than one minute). It is very important to keep in mind that almost 90% of videos on Facebook do not play with sound, so make sure that your video will be understood as being viewed from the user’s own timeline. You can include a summary text or even not even use voice-over, but use background music and explanatory labels. Even easier for you.

4. Live video can also generate immediate interest. Facebook notifies users when and who is streaming a live video. Take advantage of it.

As you may have seen, one can never be disconnected from what’s new in your social media strategy. Changes, novelties and even new networks in which our brand must have a presence are constantly appearing. We are not bored. Here is an article about the content generated by your fans on social networks, in case you want to continue learning.


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