Post on your hotel’s social media profiles following these tips

Social networks are not just about being there. You must interact, converse with your followers and, of course, post on your social media profiles.

In addition, a user who is interested in following your brand through social networks should easily recognize that this fanpage or Twitter profile is the official one. Therefore, your social profiles must also be recognizable. Including a brief description of your hotel and a link to your website will help the user know that they are clicking on the right place. 

A successful campaign starts with great content

A marketing strategy is efficient if you publish exclusive, relevant, useful and educational content. Whether it’s text, images or links, post what your followers want to read, what encourages them to participate in the conversation.


It is important to keep in mind that publications with images have a visualization of almost 90% more than other types of content. 

Users say that visual content has more influence on their decision making than any other type of publication. So why not work with video video marketing in your social media profiles? Pills (short videos between 30 and 45 seconds) work very well on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

A tip: on Facebook post videos in square format, the statistics speak for themselves and this audiovisual format is the one that attracts more users.

Find a balance between informational and promotional content. It is clear that, in the end, what you want is to sell, to sell direct bookings (and even now, you want to sell direct reservations! you can do it from Facebook!), but you must find that balance between self-promotion and educational, informative or entertaining information that will make users value you as a hotel or chain of reference in your destination/s.

Content is one of the most important factors in social networks.

The most visual social networks, an unprecedented success

It is no coincidence that more and more social networks are appearing that are almost one hundred percent visual, such as Snapchat or Instagram, and that the existing ones are opting for this format and promoting new functionalities to share more and better videos and images, such as Facebook with its 360º or its 360º tool. Facebook Live.

The visual attracts and immediacy is essential to position yourself as a reference in the sector. A social profile is a way to communicate with network users, but you must be the first to offer information or else the most innovative.

Stand out from the competition, don’t copy them, but improve what they do. Don’t share a viral video if you know that it has already been viewed for weeks, your followers will surely have already seen it on another channel. Create your own content, engage your users with contests. But, above all, do not underestimate audiovisual content: invest resources in it.

The #hashtags beyond Twitter

Hashtags are tags that allow us to tell social network users what we are talking about in our publications. Although they were born with Twitter, for some time now these tags can be used in almost all social media.

Include at least one hashtag in your posts (especially on Twitter and Instagram). This will make it easier for users to find you according to the topics they are interested in. And they can become your followers if they like your content!

Do I need influencers?

Is it necessary to have influencers with large audiences as followers? It will depend a lot on your buyer-persona and their interests. Of course, having a well-known character among your promoters will always help you to have more relevance and notoriety.

But keep in mind that users are becoming more and more educated, they don’t believe everything they see and they know that many influencers offer this or that product because they are being paid to say what they want to hear.

Another option would be to have well-known personalities, influencers after all, participate in one of your hotel’s events. For example, Fabián León, a former MasterChef contestant, is very active in all kinds of gastronomic events.

With this type of actions, you are not only appearing mentioned in the blog or Instagram of an influencer, but a relevant character is in your hotel interacting with your guests and promoting an event that, at the end of the day, is also of interest to his own personal brand.

Interaction and conversation with users

Your maxim should be to always respond to comments on your social networks. All of them? Yes, except for those that may be offensive or that you consider that they are not really talking about your product itself. To establish these conditions, it is important that your social media team meets and decides what the criteria for responding will be and what the tone will be.

When someone tags your hotel in their posts, share it and thank them for the interaction. It will be a way to have greater visibility and, of course, greater relevance. Your guests wanting to mention you or tag themselves in your location is a good sign.

It is important that you find time for your team to respond to private messages as well. Although these will not appear publicly, they also need to be answered. Solve privately what you don’t want to become a potential public problem.

Most consumers are influenced by other customer comments on a brand’s social pages, and so it follows that consumers will also be affected by your responses to their questions on social media.

There are multiple tools to automate your publications in the networks.

Tools to automate and analyze your publications

Buzzsumo: It is a tool to find out what content is most shared on social networks and what people are posting about different topics. Buzzsumo also allows you to search for influencers that can help your hotel gain more visibility.

Hootsuite: This is a tool that allows you to manage platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google +. Hootsuite allows the management of different social media accounts and helps you evaluate campaign results. You will be able to program for future publications.

Buffer: It is a software application through which different social network accounts are managed. Your messages can be scheduled on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

In this post you will find other more professional level tools to automate and analyze your social networks.


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