How to generate tourism content in your social networks

Increase your visibility! Create a social media strategy, publishing consistent content.

In recent years, social networks have become one of the most powerful tools that companies can use to their advantage. As a hotel professional, you will need to create useful content on social platforms, as these have become one of the main pillars for increasing occupancy in tourist establishments. In the United States, more than 90% of the population expects any business to have social profiles.

Here are some tips to increase your visibility on social networks and get quality content.


Informative or promotional content 

To begin with, you have to find a balance between your posts to strictly promote your hotel and the posts that offer information of interest to your buyer-persona. Although through social networks you can quickly present offers and discounts, over-promoting your business could cause you to lose followers.

Humanize your business 

People want to feel that they are interacting with a person and not a computer. Therefore, you need to communicate with your users and make them feel unique through personalized responses and comments.

For example, when a user writes a complaint about his experience in your hotel, you cannot ignore the review, you must answer him and offer a satisfactory response that will ultimately turn that bad review into a positive experience for the guest.

Tourist content

Appropriate use 

You must know which social platforms your buyer-personas are using in order to be present on them. There is no reason for your hotel to have a Twitter account, for example, if your potential customers do not use this social network: you will be wasting time and resources unnecessarily. Prioritize the social networks where your buyer-personas interact the most.

Involve your user

Encourage your customers to write about their experience at your hotel on platforms such as TripAdvisor or on their travel blog, if they have one. In return, you can offer them a discount on their next stay, for example.

You can also encourage them to click ‘like’ on your social profiles and talk about you on their private accounts. Or you can create hashtags on Twitter or Instagram for internet users to use when posting an image on your resort.

Don’t forget: by involving your guests and offering them benefits, such as discounts, you will be building loyalty.

Nor should you forget that you will always need to keep improving your content. The better your content is, the more visible you will be. Offering higher quality content will position you above your competition, differentiating your product.

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