Storytelling. The key that opens all doors.

Storytelling is the art of storytelling and feelings play a major role. You may be wondering why? Here is the answer.

Spanish writer and illustrator Elena Ferrándiz assures us that memory is woven day by day with feelingsbecause it is easier to remember a feeling or an emotion than it is to remember it.  However, if each of these elements evokes a feeling, it will certainly be easier to retain it in the memory.

In fact, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscience study published in the journal Nature reveals the brain circuitry that controls how memories are linked to positive or negative emotions and shows that connection. The mind is wonderful and marketing must take full advantage of it.


For all these reasons, the
is the key that opens all the doors of video marketing.

It is the magic that is generated in each story and helps to retain the information in the memory.


But it’s not enough to write a story, videotape it, broadcast it and cross your fingers. Check out this example from Marriot, French Kiss.


If you have been like us and have not been able to stop watching this great production, you will have seen that it lasts no more and no less than 24 minutes. In our opinion, in this case, we take off our hats because it is really good.

Ideally, the video should be one minute long. Be that as it may,

there are five essential aspects that you must take into account and that make the difference between a good storytelling and a simple video marketing.

Conductive thread

The story must have a guiding thread, a very clear narrative structure differentiated into three stages: an introduction, a knot and a denouement. It is important to first introduce the characters and the setting, narrate the plot  or the essence of the story and, finally, conclude the story, the main action.

Good storytelling should focus on a moving story, evoking a feeling in a dramatic, passionate and powerful way . Nowadays we are exposed to a lot of videos. Therefore, ours must be the best, with the best story and told in the best way. It should make us vibrate.


Despite all the strength and momentum of the narrative, we must not forget the golden rule of journalism, which consists of answering the 5 W’s to contextualize the video.

What. Explain the experiences that can be lived in your hotel or in the destination. The content that inspires.  We must strive and try to build an emotional connection with our audience. The secret is to tell the story in such a way that the audience wants to experience it. A good story goes beyond an establishment, the building itself, the facilities and the service it provides.

Who. Customize the story. Put a face on it, a face that your audience can identify with. That is the key that generates the connection with your audience.

Why. When a lead, for example, is in the second stage of the traveler’s journey (the planning stage), he/she wants to be entertained, inspired and informed, because he/she is not only looking for a place to sleep. You are looking for an experience.

Where. In video marketing for hotels, it is essential to associate the experience with a destination. It is clear that a hotel is visited by travelers and travelers move by destinations. If you have a hotel in Paris, the story should undoubtedly take place in the capital of France and show the best panoramic views of the city, and if you have a beach hotel in Alicante, the coast and the best beaches of fine sand should come out.

When. The storytelling should also contemplate the when, the season or seasons in which the hotel wants to highlight its product. For example, if it is a beach hotel, sunny summer days will be the most suitable to show in the video. But everything will depend on the intention behind it. Perhaps we have a mountain inn near ski slopes and we are interested in promoting the spring, summer and fall seasons. Then we can show mountain walks, meadows with flowers… In short, non-snowy landscapes.

Special moment

Connect with your audience through storytelling and achieve the highest intensity of empathy in a special moment: in a smile, a gesture, a hug, a look…


Choose music that fits the story and the audience that follows you or that you want to connect with. Music is a very powerful tool to achieve this attraction. It also sets the tempo of the video.

Think also about audio in general. In addition to the music, you can incorporate  sounds, ambient noises, which add realism to the situation; dialogues between characters and even voice-over, a narration that drives the story.

Choose a voice with personality, that projects well, fits the storytelling and gives it strength.

Do not forget to adapt the video, its structure and content, to the social media for which it was created. Even if you then share it on other platforms, you should adapt it for the one you are most interested in. Sure, you can upload it to YouTube and share the link on other social platforms, but it severely limits the potential of the video.

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