The 5 R’s of marketing

Marketing is so broad that we ourselves must lead the way in content, how? Having a clear understanding of the 5 R's will certainly help you.

In this sector, which is becoming more and more varied and in continuous evolution, it is very important to always be clear about our objective. We must always be aware of what our north is and approach it step by step with each campaign or action. Marketing is so broad that we must set our own path in the content, how? Having a clear idea of what the 5 R’s are will surely help you:

  • REAL: We refer to Real as Sincere, Authentic… In the content you create, you must be yourself, be sincere with your “audience”. We are no longer telling you not to lie or copy content… but to be yourself. Sooner or later everything comes to light… and if it is true, so much the better.

  • RELEVANT: Try to make important content, with outstanding information that meets the needs of your target customers. Analyze their world, their environment, and think about what interests them. The message must be, above all, practical. For example, you run a hotel and a fantastic bridge is coming up? Do not hesitate, design the ideal plan for them to spend a few days of dreams in your establishment… Ian Greenleigh points out in his book The Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence. that the secret lies in targeting your clients’ ego, not your own.

  • REACH: It is the scope of a message. In marketing, the importance of a message lies not only in the content of the message, but also in its reach. And by that, we mean the potential audience, the number of people exposed to that message.

  • RECEPTIVITY: Recep tivity is the rate of absorption of a message. Assuming that the message you have created is direct and clear, you must take into account the moment in which the target audience receives that message. Analyze your brand and define the most suitable time slot to launch a message, for example, on social networks. If you’re a sexy underwear brand, you’re not interested in posting a message at 12 noon on a Monday, are you? Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and look for the best moment.

  • RESULTS: We should always, always, always measure the results of a specific marketing campaign. Not doing so is like blowing into the wind or swimming against the current. We must quantify the results of each of our marketing actions; otherwise, our efforts will be of no use. In this link you will find a very interesting interview.


It seems simple, but I assure you it is not. A good content marketing, effective, direct, elegant, that reaches but is not noticeable… it costs. In fact, experts say that the public must be subjected to up to seven exposures of a message before it decides to buy a product. You already know, leave it in the hands of experts and don’t try to cover everything. A good marketing line makes the difference.

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