The cost of video marketing is decreasing

Making a video nowadays is no longer an expensive whim, because the cost of video marketing is getting lower and lower.


Do you want to talk numbers?

  • 9 out of 10 Internet users watch at least one video a day and of these, 65% immediately consult the website of the brand in question.

  • Almost 50% of users share videos online and experts confirm that this year online video consumption will grow by almost 20% compared to the previous year….Shocking figures!

video marketing trend

From Amara we can tell you why video marketing will help you to change the conversion rate in tourism and why it is a necessary tool today to promote your business. But we also want you to know that it is not an expensive solution. The cost of video marketing is getting lower and lower. Day by day we see how its price adjusts  to the budget of smaller companies.


Angela Stringfellow, video marketing expert, explains in a post titled 4 Low-Cost Ways To Use Video Marketing four simple ideas for running your own video marketing.

  1. You can use your cell phone.

  2. Emphasize a compelling message.

  3. Take advantage of free or low-cost tools offered by the network.

  4. You can even access your clients to help you in the production of the video.

These tips are for those who have time, desire and believe that in their branding strategy fits a home video … If not, you will see how also find a solution that is within reach of your pocket. Amara knows that video marketing has become a very popular solution, it strongly believes in this technique and in the new technologies that are becoming more and more available to everyone. For this reason, there are different options with a wide range of costs. Hard to believe? Find out for yourself

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