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How far does the influence of social media in tourism reach? Discover the numbers of social media today and how it can contribute to your establishment.

1. Why is the union of tourism and social networks so important? 

The rise of the Internet in the tourism sector is no longer a surprise to you. Not only has it transformed the way you reach your hotel to your target audience through the network, it has also transformed the way your organization works. And it is precisely the tourism sector that has felt the impact of the Internet at all levels. Customers have gone from booking their vacations through agencies or tour operators to planning independently each and every stage of their trip, from booking tickets to travel and booking rooms, to signing up for activities that are part of the experience, and even opting for real-time tracking of their experience through their smartphones.


One of the great possibilities offered by the Internet is sharing experiences with everyone. Thousands and thousands of travelers boast about their latest vacation every day. Yes, as in any marketing strategy, planning the content you send to your followers is essential to cause the greatest possible impact and, of course, to achieve the goals you have set for your tourism business.

Whatever the type of content you decide to publish or the goals you have set, social networks are essential tools for further customization of your marketing strategy.

That’s why social networks are filled with photos of travelers sharing the destinations they have visited, the exclusive experiences they have enjoyed in hotels, or one of the most recent trends in the sector: the extraordinary experiences to unknown places. Who wouldn’t like to brag about being an Indiana Jones in front of their friends?

Whether you’re an adventure lover or you prefer a relaxing vacation in the sun, you know better than anyone the demand of tourism customers is constantly changing, and to keep pace with the latest developments and trends in the sector, being aware of how your customers use social networks is key to better understand them and, of course, to know how to best convey the message of your company.

Behind that intention to share anecdotes with family or friends, the experience of sharing on social networks brings something very important for your establishment: engagement. Your online presence is for more than just ranking in Google SERPs; you are on the internet to create more personal relationships with your guests and form a community around your brand.

Once you have made community, it will be easier for you to find users who want to share your content with their own friends or followers. When your followers hit the Like or Share button it is one more step to expand the message of your hotel through the network, both to maintain the interest of your regular customers and to attract new potential customers interested in discovering new hotels or new destinations.

Social networks can also be used as a direct customer service through which users can ask you questions or give you their opinion about your products or services. On platforms where interaction is so important, you, as part of your hotel’s identity, should also respond to them directly.

Don’t forget that the feedback is essential in social networks. Networks allow you to create a one-on-one conversation with users, which helps you to know what works and what doesn’t like in your hotel. And this is vital at a time when the online reputation of your hotel can determine your success or even the deterioration of the image of your establishment.

It is true that through social networks hotels can easily and immediately promote relevant information about their products and services.However, remember that social networks are for those customers interested in more than just your establishment: they are admirers of your company’s philosophy.

That is why knowing how to respond to users’ requests and knowing how to sell your hotel, includes the ability to sell your products and services.

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