The online marketing strategy for DMC agencies

With the rise of personalized experiences, it's time for you to know how you should prepare the online marketing strategy for your DMC agency.

1. The importance of defining your target audience

If you remember our explanation of customized experiences and how to sell them to B2B clients or B2C clients, you now have a firmer idea of how to take advantage of this booming product for your agency. Perhaps you’ve been working on offering your service to both end customers and other travel agencies, or you’ve spotted an opportunity in one of these audiences and are analyzing what would happen by targeting only one audience.

Whether it’s one or the other, targeting both types of audiences can have some drawbacks for your company. Especially if you mix your products for both agencies and end customers on your website. It is very important that you dedicate unique spaces for each audience on your website, until the time comes when you decide to focus your business to one audience or the other.


1.1. Target your business to the B2B customer

What would happen if you decided to sell your tours to travel agencies at source? First of all, the agencies would not see you as direct competition. If your agency offers experiences directly to agencies, they will interpret that your objective is to help them achieve their business goals, as well as to please the end customer. On the other hand, if they see that you are an agency that offers tours to clients at source, they will most likely understand that your business is direct competition and prefer to sell their products rather than yours.

As you already know, selling products to agencies at source requires taking into account their objectives and business needs. Therefore, your online marketing strategy should revolve around your image as an expert in the destination and the trust generated by your experience and management of your products.

1.2. What if you want to reach the end customer?

Attracting end customers also requires transmitting confidence through your knowledge and experience in the destination, showing them that your proposal offers everything that goes unnoticed for a traveler visiting a destination for the first time. And of course, build trust, create a bond with the client. Travelers need to trust your agency, to know that your team has the ideal experience for them to spend a unique and unforgettable vacation.

These points are essential for your business for the sales process, but more important is to build an attractive strategy for the end customer.

1.3. Differentiate yourself and communicate it

It is not only important to define your audience, but also to define and differentiate your agency. It is very common for tourism agency websites to present stereotypical ideas of destinations, and even end up offering the same types of tours. In these cases, no matter how attractive the design of your website is, the customer will not feel that you offer a value different from other agencies if your message is not clear.

That is why before thinking about how you should work your online strategy, you should analyze your corporate profile, or create one if you don’t have one. This will ensure that your company builds its personality, that it manages to distinguish itself from other companies, especially because your interest is to reach your customers before your competition. And what better way to reach them than being an attractive alternative.

And above all, your personality must be properly conveyed in your communication. Your brand says a lot about your business, and your online dissemination also requires proper planning so that your message reaches your potential customers correctly.


2. The online DMC marketing strategy for end customers

If B2B and B2C customers are different, the must-have elements of any marketing strategy, such as the buyer personas, the buyer’s journey, the conversion process, content creation and so on, will have their different characteristics depending on what type of customer you want to reach, and especially if you want to get them to find your website when looking for experience personalization solutions in your home country.

2.1. How do end customers find you on the Internet?

End customers, based on their personal interests, will search for information through search engines and search engines that will help them find you.

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