Top 7 tools that Hubspot integrates

Here is a list of the 7 most important tools integrated in the all-in-one software. We believe they can be very useful for your hotel.

Many professionals recommend it because they achieve good results with a short investment of time. We are achieving our goals and have improved our quality of life. Simply amazing! So here are the 7 most important tools that it integrates and that we want to highlight, because we believe they can be very useful for your hotel or establishment.

1. Automation and customization

Hubspot is able to work your content in an intelligent way, generating workflows and combining campaigns and channels in a simple, practical and convenient way. All this will allow you to effectively segment your audience, give immediate response to your contacts  and be present in more channels. But best of all, you will achieve this and much more in a virtually effortless, intuitive way.


Thanks to the personalization that Hubspot also offers you, you will be able to tailor the experience for each user, creating a unique opportunity to convert those prospects into customers. Because in fact, personalization is one of the key factors in communicating with our customers. The figures speak for themselves. According to a study, the open rate of personalized content sent to our contacts is 40 percent higher  than that of non-personalized content. So, knowing this, better take note, don’t you think?

2. CRM

Do you want your sales team to achieve their goals or waste time wrestling with Excel tables and outdated databases? Hubspot CRM automates the tasks that salespeople hate. That means optimizing the sales process. More information, more structured, more concise, more visible and, best of all, in less time.

In addition, it is a practical software for small companies with only one employee, up to large corporations with more than a thousand employees. You will be able to sort bids by profit or loss, scheduled appointments, contracts sent during any time period and track performance against set quotas. You can customize filters and perform automatic tracking.


Hubspot CRMMarketing software


3. Analytics and monitoring

Hubspot is also capable of analyzing both  one-off actions and campaigns in general. Find out what marketing strategies have worked for you, learn from your mistakes and multiply your successes. Only by being aware of the results will you be able to improve.

It is clear that walking is learned by walking, but if we are not aware of when we fall or what causes us to fall, we will never manage to walk more than one meter, don’t you think? Many marketers claim that analytics and metrics are what make marketing a science and not a game of chance. And Hubspot also helps you with a dashboard or “whiteboard” that is very easy to visualize and interpret. At a glance you will get all the information you need. 

4. Blog

Hubspot allows us to create custom templates for publishing posts, facilitates the introduction of content through metrics calculated based on organic positioning and helps us to analyze the results of reach. It is, quite simply, a convenient, practical and unmissable tool.

But, you don’t have a blog yet? You should know that a blog is one of the elements of a marketing strategy that helps positioning because it creates community, builds customer loyalty and generates credibility, among many other advantages.

5. Email

This all-in-one software will also help you create and customize email templates quickly and easily. Attractive designs and  responsive, suitable to be visualized perfectly from any type of screen. And with the “what you see is what you get” feature, you get to see exactly what you send, what your customer receives. No surprises after the fact.

You also have the possibility to perform A/B tests to improve open and click-through rates. Really, it is a software designed for you, for me, for our work problems and to make our life easier.

6. Conversion path

The previous sections are fantastic. Yes, but what we are really interested in is converting website visits into leads, those leads into opportunities, then into customers and then into promoters. What costs the most is to have the contacts, to convert visitors into leads with their contact information because then we already know how to reach them. And what do we need to make that first  step? A conversion path.

The conversion path is a process by which an anonymous visitor to your website becomes a person, with a name and surname. This conversion path is composed of a valuable content offer, a call-to-action button (CTA), alanding page (Landing Page) and a Thank You Page. The visitor enters his data on this landing page because he is interested in what is being offered.

And so, we already have your contacts. Easy, isn’t it? Well, Hubspot is an ideal tool that facilitates the creation of all these high performance pages, with templates, rates, analytics, metrics, custom queries… Facilities at your fingertips.


As if all this were not enough, there is still more. With Hubspot you can also monitor all the mentions of your brand and the conversations that interest you in all social networks, follow engagements (retweets, likes, shares…) automatically, see chronologically everything that has happened in your accounts and schedule publications in your social profiles.


Now that you know the top seven tools we like best in Hubspot, you can start to familiarize yourself with and take advantage of these templates we offer. Don’t miss them!

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