Tools to increase the productivity of MICE companies

Employ tools and software for project management, time management, event management and more to increase the productivity of your MICE company.

1. Project management tools

The main tools that will help you increase the productivity of your MICE company are project management tools. They allow you to plan the delivery of projects, and to plan and control the execution of all actions of each project. Usually a project management software uses visual representation of projects such as Kanban methodology and Gantt chart.

Most project management tools have task management and time management tools integrated into the software, which are very beneficial for MICE project management. That’s why we are mentioning task management tools to you as part of the fundamental project management tools.


#1 Wrike

Considered the best project management software of 2019 by FinancesOnline, the Wrike software is a software that was designed to assist in the management of up to 20 projects. Its advantages are the freemium option for up to 5 users, real-time editing, time and budget tracking, software scalability and Gantt chart rendering. Disadvantages of the software include lack of user interface customization, lack of any major integration and no integrated chat application.



A simple yet intuitive software, is offering its solutions to companies of all sizes. It offers task management, visual project management and tracking, centralized communication and document management, analytics and reporting, and various integrations.



#3 Zoho Projects

Highlighted by the publisher of PC Magazine, the Zoho Projects helps users plan and execute projects, communicate with both employees and customers, manage documents and track the status of project tasks. In addition, it offers visualization of Gantt charts of schedule and task progress and integrations with various applications, both Zoho’s and partners’



2. Team communication tools

Communication is the backbone of any company. By ensuring a continuous flow of communication, a healthy dialogue, between employees, departments, contractors and customers, you can create a solid foundation for your company. The productivity of your MICE company depends largely on the quality of internal communication. Here are some team communication tools highlighted by Forbes.

#4 Slack

Slack, one of the most popular communication and collaboration tools for teams, is a uniform hub for messaging, tools and files. You can manage brainstorming sessions, different files and images, event announcements and more. You can also organize conversations by team, project or client, share projects and converse across teams.

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