Trends in tourism: the future of video

The consumer revolution is here... the hotel business must catch up, guided by trends in tourism and tourism marketing.

The rise of video marketing in tourism has been one of the most exciting trends in recent years. In fact, this year it is positioning itself as the star in all stages of the conversion funnel.

Consumers will demand and be influenced even more by audiovisual content at the time of booking and purchase decisions. Demand for the video experience is increasing, because video is here to stay. 


Cisco predicts that 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video by 2019. The actual experience of the traveler is the only thing that surpasses the sensations and emotions that online video can convey. It is therefore the most powerful and accessible tool for users.

The trend in tourism will be the rise of micro-video libraries to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of tourism products. For example, destination reps will be able to offer a playlist of customized audiovisual content to each potential customer.



Tailor made content is already key in digital marketing. We are already seeing that video personalization has increased, allowing tourism companies to tailor audiovisual content with unique and individualized information, so that experiences are special for each consumer.

Recent technological advances and new design tools will also make it easier to create interactive elements within the video itself, improving lead generation, customer qualification and boosting loyalty.

Multi-channel distribution of online video will be the ultimate key to keeping up with the times. YouTube is not the only channel to consider, as each and every social network is a great distribution channel that can enhance the longevity of videos.

Tourism marketing trends: the future of video.

In addition, the prosumers themselves will be the ones to generate part of the audiovisual content relevant to the decision making process at the time of booking. Their comments, likes and shares will be essential for tourism companies, which will have to adapt to include them in their strategy.

The explosion of visual content cannot be ignored. YouTube alone has more than one billion users worldwide. And that is now. Video has become the medium of choice for users to consume most content. To stay relevant and achieve business results, tourism companies must recognize and adapt their content marketing strategy.

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